Wise people say that you can't hate something/someone if you haven't loved the thing or the person yet. For example, "in a normal situation" when you walk in the street and see someone you don't know and never talked to, you won't start hating that person for no reason right ? It makes sense since that person did nothing to you. However, when it comes to people you love as your partner or whoever you're close to, you can start hating that person really quick like in the blink of an eye. Maybe that person disappointed you or simply wasn't able to meet your expectations. There are a million possible reasons. It doesn't mean that you're bad or good. It only means that you're a human being with feelings. However, it's up to you to keep focused in that negative emotion or stop the hate, free yourself, shine and rise ;). I highly recommend this second option. You can't control the feelings to appear but for sure you can control the place it will take in your life. All that to say that it's only a thin line between these two most intense emotions, love and hate. The best way to deal with ? Maybe starting by knowing yourself and find balance.

Now, you're probably wondering why I went deep in the introduction since the subject of the article is denim. Aren't you ? Well, simply because for me denim is a love and hate affair but in a light way of course. I love denim jeans because it's timeless and fashionable at the same time. It can be worn any season of the year and it's so easy to go from casual to elegant by simply changing the styling. Nevertheless, I hate the process of finding a great jeans because it takes me ages literally. I am almost 100% sure that most of women can understand my reasoning and specially those with curves, kind of hourglass body shape as mine. Oh my Goodness, I can totally relate to that part of Megan The Stallion's song when Beyoncé says : If you don't jump to put jeans on, baby, you don't feel my pain. However, when we find THE perfect pair of jeans with a great cut and shape it's pure satisfaction. I like these ones I found at h&m. They have a denim jeans line for curvy bodies. I choose the high-waisted ones with straight cut and they fit amazingly well around the hips. As you can see in the pictures, I styled them with those pointy sock boots that creates an illusion of longer legs, a dark blue preppy jacket and my Chanel denim bag ! I like pretty much the result. Don't you ?

Obviously, I could have taken a shallow and shorter path to talk about my outfit but why not including deeper subjects occasionally. Life is a constant change so let's keep exploring! Hope you guys will like this article and see you soon. Bisous Bisous ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹

Jacket: Burberry
Top and boots: Zara
Denim Jeans: hm
Bag: Chanel


  1. Why not go deeper? For many people life these days is pretending to be someone
    they want you to see. It's some kind of mask. Only sharing a picture of their coffee,
    their outfit, their travel destination,... But most of the time there comes no answer
    when you leave a comment that goes deeper. How can you get to really know someone if you
    there is no chance to go deeper sometimes.
    I was touched reading your words. It's breave. Sometimes you only need to take the step.
    Learn to know yourself, love yourself and find the balance. I wish you all the best.
    You are not alone.

    About the outfit. Yes, what would life be without a denim in your life. Always good for any occasion. Perfect combination with the jacket.
    Your pictures is great. Dreamy, mysterious and with a glimpse of ... your "silver" magic.
    It deserves to be seen. And ... it makes me happy.
    Go for it. Believe in yourself. The future looks bright.


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