Hey guys, I am back home and I am already missing New York. The atmosphere there is incredible!
Hope you could have some great time with your family and your beloved ones during christmas. For me it was such a nice experience to live christmas in New York. Here you can see my outfit for Christmas eve. I bought this silver sequined dress last year and for the first time I was wearing it as I finally thought it was the occasion for. Because of all the sparkles on it, I only needed simple accessories but with a festive reminder like these cute Swarovski earrings, the clutch and of course red lips. Hope you like it and at the same time I wish you lot of happiness, health, love, success and all the best for this new year 2013!! Hope all our dreams will come true!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

EARRINGS : Swarovski
PUMPS : Chanel
DRESS : Zara
LIPSTICK : Yves Saint Laurent


Hi guys!! I am posting from New York where I am having so much fun and the days are full of discoveries!! These pictures have been shooted before I left Switzerland during a anticipated christmas family diner as some of us were leaving abroad this year. For the outfit, I chose to wear black and white again but with some stripes. My swarovski bracelet and the lipstick added the touch of color to the look. Hope you like it guys and wish you'll have nice time with your loved ones. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

SHOES : Chanel
BRACELET : Swarovski
LIPSTICK : Rebel by "MAC"


First of all, I would like to thank everyone of you for your lovely comments. I don't answer all comments due to the lack of time BUT I really read each one and I want to let you know that all your comments mean a lot for me!!! All your positive words and advices motivate me a lot to provide you the best content I can. SO THANK YOU!! 
Right now, I am preparing (or trying to prepare..) my suitcases for NY and I am very very very happy and excited because in two days I'll be abroad! It will be nice to have a break, discover another culture and enjoy each moment! For me traveling is one the best way to enrich the soul. Don't you agree ? So guys, not a lot to tell you about my outfit... It's simple but warm to survive in this cold season!

GLOVES : Unknown
LIPSTICK : Please me by "MAC"
CLUTCH : Michael Kors


The day before it started snowing, I was wearing this black and gold ensemble for a dinner in a japanese restaurant. I had this black pullover which is very soft and pleasant to the touch and kept me warm all evening long and this golden skirt. I added some golden accessories which I think is a nice match for night's outfits and my leopard bag. I think the outfit was completely easy to create because of the simple pieces I choose but the accessories produce a sophisticated result in my opinion. Of course, I had a vest with me but I took out for the pictures. What do you think about this outfit ?
So now, let's talk about my trip to New York, I still can't stop telling you guys how excited I am !!! If you have any advice guys do not hesitate to share by commenting below ;)!! I will be there for Christmas and OMG it's incredible how so fast this year crossed... What about you guys ? What are your plans for christmas ? And new year's eve ?

HEELS : Chanel


I think winter is the most difficult season of the year to get fashionably dressed as the first thing we care about is to keep warm and do not hesitate to add layers and layers. But how incredibly beautiful is the landscape when it is snowing. Each year, I just feel like a child when I see all white and can't stop adimiring the big snowflakes falling down.
This week I took advantage to shoot my outfit of the day in the snow with big pleasure. There's a lot of pictures guys, hope you'll not make an overdose;) ! I was wearing a white dress with this cute skull face scarf, a basic black coat and black boots not so high. For me wearing high heels when it's snowing is completely not possible, I slide, I fall, it's a fashion disaster! To break a little the black and white I used a red lipstick on my lips. So guys, that is it and let me know what do you think.

RING : Yves Saint Laurent
COAT : Avant-première


Last week we were under the rain each single day here in Switzerland. And besides the rain it was dark the most of time (Hellooo winter!). Consequently, it was very difficult to shoot my outfits and that's why I posted only once. But as it is said, when we want we can! And I could stop the rain..heheh(It's a joke). But the truth is that magically(thanks God for the help) it stopped raining during approximately one hour and I could quickly shoot this outfit I am posting only now (shame to me). So, I was wearing my new Gucci watch bought in a private sale and I am in love with. This watch is very feminine and delicate. About the clothes, it was all about black, nude and leopard pattern on the jacket. I loved this combination simple but elegant. What do you think guys ? 

WATCH : Gucci
SHOES : Vigneron Paris