Hi Guys ! Here I am with this summery post ! I went for a lunch some days ago at the JJ Rousseau restaurant in La Neuveville here in Switzerland and decided to make some pictures as the weather was amazing and the place was so beautiful by the lake. So, that's why the tittle of this post, but of course it can reminds to the swiss writer too;) ! I am just back home from my work now and dreaming with summer holidays… french riviera, greek islands, Sardinia, Amalfi coast, cinque terre, maldives and everywhere in the tropics and where the sun shines (cause in Switzerland each day is a new season even in summer). But now I'll let you check out the entire post while I am looking for my next destination for a summer getaway. Have a great Friday folks ! Xo

SHOES : Valentino
PANTS : Zara
TOP : Zara
BAG : Mango


Hi everybody ! A couple of days ago, I've been invited to try an O.P.I manicure at the Beauty&Smile bar à ongles in Geneva. They have a vast choice of colors going from pastels to brights. It was hard to choose one but I finally went for this vibrant red color which in my opinion is perfect for summer. Normally I do my manicure at home by myself as it's so easy but how nice is to relax while someone else is working on it. And the result is impeccable ! Of course, there's a whole process before arriving at the final result but that is really worth it ! In case you guys are from Switzerland and you're around Geneva, I advice you to try this Bar à Ongles for a manicure or any other beauty services they're supplying. Now I'll let you look into the pictures and tell me how do you like my new red nails ! I love it !

Beauty & Smile
Place de la Fusterie 14


What's up everybody !! Isn't this perfect the perfect brick wall to shoot my orange outfit ? I love adding some colors to my looks during spring/summer and this time I chose orange. This orange blazer gave a great boost to the look and I think that the combination of orange and nude is well-matched. What do you think ?
SHOES : Gucci (similar here)
TOP : Zara
PANTS : h&m (similar here)
BLAZER : Mango (similar here)
BAG : Nowistyle (similar here and here)


Hi guys ! How are you doing ? I am so sorry that last week I couldn't publish any post as I had so many urgent things to do and hope you could understand. But now I want to show you these pictures that we've shot some days ago during a stroll in Neuchâtel. For those who aren't from Switzerland, Neuchâtel is a beautiful city by the lake close to the city where I live. I love going there from time to time. The last time I was there, I decided to shot in the Hotel DuPeyrou's Garden. The Hotel du Peyrou is so beautiful with its architecture from 18th century. It kinda reminds to me a little Versailles. Regarding the outfit, I went out for a casual black and white outfit. Because I wanted to be super comfy and the weather was super hot, I chose shorts and flats. Hope you'll like the article and wish you a nice day ;) ! Xo

SANDALS : Naf Naf (similar here)
BAG : Avant Premiere (similar here)
T-SHIRT : Zara (similar here)
SHORTS : Can't remember the brand but you can find a similar here