Tested and Approved !  I received the body fit by Clarins earlier this summer and I was quite happy. Firstly, because when it's summer we want to put all the chances of our sides to be at our best and feel confident when wearing skirts, shorts and dresses. Of course, nothing replaces a good nutrition and bit of workout. Let's be realistic, there's no miracle and you have to kick your ass bitch ! However, I totally agree about the fact that some products can helps to improve the results. It's a whole set of measures which will helps to reach the goal actually. So, I tried the body fit and because I felt like it really accelerated the process I decided to share with you. I applied the creme from the ankle until the waist doing a massage. That's it ! After few minutes you'll feel a little heat but don't worry as it doesn't hurt at all. You'll just feel like the product is working and then it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g. The skin is smoother, firmed and lifted. I promise you guys, it just feels like you've had a lymphatic drainage session. My body really felt lighter and I loved it ! But you know what ? I'll tell you a secret... You can also use on your arms if you think you need them a little more firmer !! I can not live without this anymore, it's part of my life ;) ! Xo xo 💋💋

Body Fit : Available HERE


Hi guuurrrls ! From time to time it happens that I find new clothes on my dressing. Does it happen to you too ? Well, it was the case with this dress. In fact, I bought it months ago at Zara but never wore it. I almost forgot it when the other day I was thinking about what I would wear for a pre-birthday dinner... Then I stumbled upon this one which kind of was perfect for the occasion. It's a little black velvet dress. I decided to accessorize with my most than beloved YSL little bag that I've been wearing a lot lately and peachy lipstick that brought some color to my outfit. What do you think ? Xo xo


Hello my cutie pies ! You guys might have seen on my Instagram stories that Sunday was my birthday🎂!! My lovely friend Gabriela aka Gabi came to my house for the occasion and it was my pleasure to spend my birthday with her. Because of my schedule as I am having some lessons about digital strategy in Geneva, I couldn't really party all night long but I can't complain as I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with great people even before my day. So guys, I think I might introduce Gabi to you since it's her first appearance here on the blog. Actually we are friends since years now as we met the first time during our economic studies. We always have a lot of fun and laughs when we are together and as you can see her cute baby bump, she's waiting a little boy that will come out soon to our world. You can imagine how excited we are to see her little angel face ;) ! Ohh.. I am sure the baby loved tasting my birthday cake which was a bordelaise à la framboise by the way! Yummy ;)

PS: Don't just count your years, make your years count !