Fashion has been something that has fascinated me since my childhood and I thought that internet was the greatest tool to share my passion for fashion. So, I decided to create my blog. I remember when I sit down and started writing my first post one year ago. Well, time flies and I can't stop sharing with you folks on this personal diary which is Pashionality. Hopefully, we're going to celebrate many years together !! 

I simply love the concept of sharing my passion, my style, my opinions and consequently my personality with everybody in the world. Of course, blogging is not the easiest thing to do as it demands so much time and investment, however it's something very creative and a great form of personal expression. Also, some brands contacted me to collaborate and it was a nice experience for the blog !

For me this is such a special article. It's the last of the year 2013 !! So, I want to THANK YOU so much guys for your faithfulness, I mean, for having read my posts, followed me, for your all your sweet comments, likes and even the criticism. I also have to thank my boyfriend who photographed me for the blog :-* ! 

Well, one year is full of memories so let's get a look on some pictures I selected from the beginning of the blog until now ! Enjoy the last minutes of 2013 and...



MERRY XMAS everybody ! Because this is my favorite time of the year I wanted to make this special post to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you're spending great time with your family, friends and people you love ! That's a nice occasion to share love, smiles, kisses, hugs and all you want (not only gifts..hahha). Here some pictures of my tree decoration. Keep smiling ! 


Hi guys! Just want to tell you that I am still alive in case you were wondering ;) !! I have so many things to do right now as my exams are approaching!! On the week before Christmas I will have 2 exams and then on the first week of January I will have all the others!! I know it's crazy how the exams have been scheduled. I mean, during the holidays will be under my Christmas tree with some books (Hellooo) that's not funny at all... isn't is ? OK.. I'll stop complaining and talk to you about my outfit. It was a beautiful sunny day even if it was a bit cold. I went for black again but with some yellow. Simple, cozy and casual look for any day.
Hope you like it and don't forget to let your thoughts here below! Have a great day!!

JACKET : Sheinside
BAG : Avant Premiere


Wearing total black is for me something new. I usually love combining it with other colors and specially with white which is such a classic. If you follow my blog from a while you might know this ;)! But this time I wanted to go for a total look with some discreet golden details and that's all. Just loved how it turned out !! What about you ? Bisou Bisou

BOOTS : Burberry
TOP : Nowistyle
VEST/BAG : Avant Première
RING : Persunmall


In my opinion, trying different styles is just the best part of fashion. I mean, we can play with it according to our daily mood and this really fascinates me. In fact, I get bored very fast and consequently I need to go for something different from time to time. And even if I would describe my style as chic, elegant with a touch of modernity, I love being able to build up different looks as this one I am wearing now. The ripped pants combined with the jacket just make it rock-and-roll and the Louboutins added that chic vibe to the look. I am madly in love with this outfit that resonate with an edgier rock style. Finally, I kept my natural hair (kinda wavy-curled hair) that I think matched nicely to the look I created.

Remember the last post where I was talking about my blogger troubles ? Well, I wanted to thank you so much for your comments on it and specially Tanja for the precious help ! Now everything works and my pictures are as I wanted it to be, I mean, without that strange loss of quality !

Hope you'll enjoy this post and see you soon ;) !! Bisou Bisou

BAG / TOP : Zara
RINGS : Swatch and h&m
HEELS : Christian Louboutin


Ok, I am having some troubles with blogger. Usually the process I do is resize my pictures on flickr and upload each one on blogger. But something bad is happening as the quality change in bad way when I place the photos on blogger. If you are reader and if you also have a blog, is it also happening to you ? Or if it already happened how did you solve that problem ? I would be so grateful for your help :) !! Now let's talk about the outfit of the day... I must confess that I took these pictures few days ago when the weather was ok for shirts and sandals. But now, It's all about jacket and coats. So that day, I wore my faux leather black pants with this amazing shirt. Some accessories and then I am ready for a casual day. Let me know what you think about the outfit and about my blogger troubles ;) ! Bisou Bisou
SHIRT : Persunmall
BAG : Guess
NECKLACE : Nowistyle


How are you doing since my last post guys ?? Hope you're well and that you missed my posts(hehe ;))! I am just heading to the university class right now and the week will be sooo long. About this outfit, it's certainly the last time I am wearing shorts without tights as it's getting colder here in the chocolate country. Don't have a lot to say but hope you'll enjoy this post. Have a great start of the week folks !!

HEELS : Chanel
JACKET : Forever 21
HAT/TOP : h&m


Good morning peeps ! I was so absent lately because of my studies... It's been taking all my time and energy (sincerely, at the end of the day I just want to sleep) but let's say that it's worth it. 
As today is such a special day for me because it's my B-day, I wanted to celebrate it with all of you despite of the long day is waiting for me. So I come with this post where I am wearing this cute porcelain print blazer that I am in love with. About my age, gotta hide it or should I say that I'm playing à la Karl Lagerfeld... heheh. Well, a bit of mistery doesn't hurt ! Hope you like the pics and see you soon ! Bisou Bisou

BLAZER : Sheinside


Good morning!! How are you doing ? I was a bit busy last week so couldn't blog as much as I wanted... But fortunately, the weekend was quite resting and sunny. Seems like this week we'll have a great weather here in Switzerland so I literally cross all my fingers (ps: I am not ready to welcome the cold..). About this post, it's a very casual outfit that I wanted to highlight with this cute back bag and those mirrored sunnies. Hope you'll like and wish you a great start of the week. Bisou Bisou

SHOES : Gucci
PANTS : Levi's
BLAZER : Mango
BAG : Nowistyle


Hi people ! I love animal prints and specially the leopard one. Combining with black is the simplest way to create a great look. I wore this outfit few days ago when the weather was hot. Now it unfortunately changed and I only can say or sing "I am singing in the rain..."" heheh. What do you think about animal prints ? Let me know...

SKIRTS : Nowistyle


Happy monday everybody! While many of you are enjoying the New York Fashion Week I am here today to show you a total denim outfit I wore few days ago. It's a very casual and comfy look that can be matched with heels or flats. I decided to wear heels to keep it more elegant. I think it's a nice everyday look don't you ? Have a great start of the week guys and hope you'll like the article. Bisou Bisou



As I am writing this article I am super/mega/extra/ missing the beach #holidaysfeeling #beachfeelings. The pictures were taken during my holidays in Dubai and more precisely at the Jumeirah beach. OMG, I love this beach with all those big waves and that incredible view on the sail-shaped silhouette of the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel. Definitely is a place to see if you have the opportunity guys ! Hope you'll enjoy this article and can't wait to read your thoughts ! Bisou Bisou

HAT : Sonia Rykiel


Hello people ! I wanted to wear this vest since a while but didn't had the opportunity because of the hot weather actually. As the weather was a bit windy yesterday, I took advantage of it and wore this chessboard Louis Vuitton inspired jacket. For the whole look, I decided to stay in the pastel shades by matching with cream-coloured pants and my Valentino shoes. OMG, I got crazy while the shooting because my bangs left in all directions (Sometimes girl's life can be so complicated...hihi). Can't wait to read your comments ! Bisou Bisou

SHOES : Valentino


First of all, I would like to THANK YOU guys for your kind comments on my previous post ! You're the best !! Let's talk about this outfit.... I wanted to try something different from what I am used to wear and I think this top was perfect for it. The mirrored sunglasses matched very well and I love the result of the pictures. What do you think about it ? Bisou Bisou

SUNNIES/TOP : Chicnova
HEELS : Christian Louboutin
BAG : BCBG Max Azria


As I had flu with fever, chills and sore throat last week I was off-sick and couldn't blog at all. I was at bed, taking medicine recommended by my doctor and trying to get recovered. It looks like I didn't blog since an eternity. I mean, only last thursday I was able to read my e-mails. Now I am full of energy and completely cured to show you new outfits. I love these pictures that have been taken in a total green place which is very peaceful. Can't wait to read your comments. Bisou Bisou

VEST : Sheinside
SHORTS : Sandro
TOP/BAG : h&m


You've have probably seen on my instagram account "@patricia_do_nascimento" that I attended the Gstaad Swiss Open two weeks ago. Of course, I just wanted to see the beloved swiss champion "Roger Federer" a.k.a. "Rodger"!! Sadly, he didn't win but it was also a good occasion to visit the town which is known to be a very rich ski resort of the jet set and the high international society! It was nice to discover this charming town with all those beautiful chalets and luxury shops. Here are some pictures from that amazing day. Hope you'll like it and feel free to tell me what do you think. Bisou Bisou

BAG : Avant-Première


Hi everybody ! The weather in Switzerland is super hot and the best solution is to wear light clothes like dresses and shorts for example. I can't wear pants or I'll literally melt, I put them on the backborner actually. About this old dress, it has such a beautiful color and emphasize the body in such a flattering way. I accessorized with black heels and clutch and some blue jewelry to stay in the hues. What do you think ?

SHOES : Christian Louboutin
CLUTCH : Hallhuber
DRESS : Unknown
RING : h&m (old collection)


This is what I was wearing few weeks ago to attend a Pop up store opening party of the website held in Zurich. In this website we can discover some small Finnish fashion designers who are making unique pieces as IvanaHelsinki, Muka Va and Nurmi Design. I didn't know them before but must confess they have some pretty pieces. 
Regarding my outfit, I chose black faux leather pants with white shirt and blazer and my beloved Valentino shoes. What do you think  about this black and white outfit ? Bisou Bisou

PANTS : Zara
BLAZER : Mango
SHIRT : h&m
SHOES : Valentino
CLUTCH : Hallhuber


Without exaggeration, The Atlantis hotel which is situated in the Palm Islands, is one of the most spectacular hotel I've visited ! It has the most spellbinding restaurants like the famous Nobu, the Levantine for a lebanese dining experience and much more. But, "la crème de la crème, the Ossiano that I highly recommend  if you want to eat exquisite seafood. It's pure elegance and sophistication with its view on the aquarium! That's not all, in this hotel you will find luxury shoppings, waterparks, aquariums and much more inside. The architecture is also so devine and luxurious. It was wonderful to stay there during my one-week-beach-holidays ! And while on subject, I let you discover some pictures I've taken by the beach of the hotel! So guys, tell me what do you think. Bisou Bisou

Bikini : h&m