Hello my lovelies ! Time flies and I still have pictures from Santorini to share. Oia is just a magic place that is worth to be visited. The little streets with restaurants and shops, the blue-roofed churches with cupolas, the white and blue painted houses, the windmill are part of the architecture of Oia which is overwhelming. After walking through Oia, we went to a restaurant to have dinner on the rooftop from where we could see the breathtaking sunset. Unfortunately, I totally forgot the name of the restaurant, but food was delicious and there was such an amazing vibe with interesting people. For the outfit, I wore this white dress with some red details on it. I accessorized with my micro Fendi Baguette, red Valentino sandals  which are super comfy to walk around and round Ray-Ban sunnies. Wish you guys a great start of the week ! Xo xo 


I love discovering and trying out new fragrances. The Collection Privée by Christian Dior has so many daring scents and most of them are unisex. Some of my favorites are Gris Montaigne and Ambre Nuit. I am obsessed with Gris Montaigne because of its floral scent with a burst of citrus and a woody note hightened by indonesian patchouli. I feel like this one suits better on women. On the other hand, I love Ambre Nuit. This perfume has such a deep scent with warm and amber notes. My fiancé is wearing this one and I can't stop smelling him ;). What I love about the Collection Privée is that each perfume from the collection has a special name which relates to a story of Christian Dior. It makes each bottle of perfume very unique.


Last September, during NYFW, Tommy Hilfiger presented at the runway the TommyXGigi collection designed in collaboration with the supermodel Gigi Hadid. The collection combines the Tommy Hilfiger signature with Gigi Hadid's style and the pieces are amazing for fall. I am wearing today a complete look of TommyxGigi collection which is by the way available at Zalando. To build up my outfit, I chose this jumper dress which is so comfy and keep me warm, these high heeled ankle boots which are so beautiful and the most comfortable ones ever (no joke!!) and this cute navy blue hat which matches so nicely with the details of the jumper dress. I love going bare legs in fall but you can also add tights to this outfit as well. It's up to you. Hope you guys love this outfit ! Xo xo

OUTFIT OF THE DAY : TommyXGigi available at Zalando


I was invited in avant-premiere to discover the Petit h at the Hermès boutique in Geneva. I am sure you already know Petit h but just in case let me the joy to write down a few lines about. Petit h is a creative laboratory created by Pascale Mussard (6th generation of Hermès family) which combines artistic vision with the know-how of the craftmen. The purpose is to create objects with the precious materials salvaged from the Hermès production. A swiss cuckoo created from a Kelly bag and the Hermès metamophorsed silk squares "Les Carrés" are some kind of examples of Petit h. The idea is to give a new life to the material. The object has to be functional and it's always a surprise. 

Petit h presented exclusive objects that were created in collaboration with two schools of art and design in Switzerland. Indeed, the House partnered with students in Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury & Crafts from l'ECAL (school of art in Lausanne) under the direction of the designers Nicolas Le Moigne and Bethan Laura Wood. The luxury House also invited the HEAD - Geneva Master in space and communication students to create the showcase of the Petit h. The scenography, the set design reinterprets the technical codes of the studios of Hollywood. For example, the blue tones cover surfaces as in special effect studios. You guys, might stop by the boutique at 39, rue du Rhône in Geneva and discover the "Petit h fait son cinéma" until the 19th November. I promise, you'll love it !

During the event, I had a meaningful conversation with Pascale Mussard and you guys can't imagine how kind and warm-hearted she is. I could feel her passion for what she built and it's truly inspiring ! I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to take part in this exclusive event and have met the Hermès team. Thank you so much for having me Hermès!

Now, I'll let you discover a few pictures about the event and wish a wonderful day ! Xo xo


Escada showedd their collections in Paris and I was really surprised about the amazing cuts and shapes of the clothing. The collections were fresh, super modern and elegant at the same time. During the presentation I could see looks for each occasion. Casual looks for the day, more dressed and elegant for the night, pieces for work and even gorgeous dresses for red carpet. Escada really proposes beautiful garments for any situation of life and I am kind of in love with this brand. You guys can see few glimpses of the collections on this post and I hope you'll love them too ! Xo xo


And here I am showing you guys the last outfit that I wore at paris fashion week. That day I've attended Heaven Gaia fashion show at the Palais Opéra Garnier which is such a beautiful and dreaming place. It's royal ! After the fashion show I had the day free which means that I hadn't any meetings so I could enjoy Paris. Only walk and go around to visit some places was totally relaxing after all the rush. Everything went so fast and the days flew away. Now, I feel so lucky as I had the opportunity to meet incredible people, attend fashion shows and showrooms, visit the backstages and discover such amazing brands. And because everything happened in Paris it made my whole experience even more special. 

Sunglasses : Fendi (available here)
Chemise : Red Valentino
Pants/Sandals : Zara
Bag : Yves Saint Laurent (available here)


" Give her the right shoes and she'll conquer the world " ! Yes, I had to write here that perfect cliché sentence for a shoe lover. It's very difficult to find shoes that are beautiful and comfortable at the same time. And these Mules are both. I've been looking for them for such a long time now and it was sold out everywhere in Switzerland. When I was in Paris for the fashion week I stopped by Chanel boutique at Avenue Montaigne without nothing in my mind and stumbled upon these cuties ! That was a surprise to find them and happiness as I had the last pairs in my hands... well, in my feet ;) ! So, I couldn't wait but wore them the same day for Valentin Yudashkin fashion show as you could see on my previous outfit post.  Xo xo


Hello my lovelies ! During Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to visit my favorite brand ever ! Hermès has such a great history and a strong know-how that exceeds the time. After, getting to know a little bit more the brand in the showroom, I could not only see very closely the pieces from the fashion show but also learn the story behid each one. So now, I want to share this with you. This collection is kind of "androgyne" but feminine at the same time. Actually the collection recalls workers outfit/uniforms and we can find in every piece functional details. Nothing is left to chance as everything was created for a reason. Nadège also added a lot of colors (pastel and bright) to the collection which is kind of new to the brand. If you haven't seen the fashion show yet, just press play in the end this article ! Xo xo


When I bought this Sportmax dress, I knew right away that I would take the pictures of the outfit at Colonnes de Buren in Paris. I thought that it would be fun to match my outfit with the background and I love the result. Hope you do too ;) ! I matched the dress with these gorgeous Chanel moules that I wanted for a while and was sold out in Switzerland. Actually I received them from my love as a gift a few days before my birthday but I couldn't wait to open the box. After all, we were at Paris Fashion Week and no other occasion would be better to inaugurate them! Wouldn't it ? So, I went for this total black and white look for the third day of PFW as I attended the Valentin Yudashkin fashion show and had some showrooms and cocktails. Valentin Yudashkin collection was breathtaking, very elegant with a lot of  pastel shades. As I am back in Switzerland, I am trying to show you everything about my 1st PFW. Have a great start of the week my lovelies ! Xo xo

Dress : Sportmax
Sunglasses : Fendi
Shoes : Chanel 


Dorhout Mess Show was incredible. I loved how she added a lot of corsets on the outfits. It was a big highlight of the show. Right after the show, I had the pleasure to meet the designer on backstage and have a more closely view on the collection, the beauty and hair style that the models wore for the show. The hair was very sleek or with volume on the top of the head and very voluminous on the lengthes. Regarding the make-up, it was very fresh, not heavy at all. It was essentialy nude eyes and lips, a lot of highlighter on the cheekbones, nose and upper lips. The final result was very interesting. I'll let you discover everything on the pictures below. Xo xo


Hello my loves ! I started the second day of PFW with Leonard Paris show at the Grand Palais. The collection made me totally dream about next summer. A lot of colors, prints, textures, everything was awesome ! And Shy'm, the talented and beautiful french singer was on the front row with her new amazing blond hair. Then quick lunch at l'Avenue restaurant (Zayn Malik was there) before the Escada Showroom. During a shopping session at the Avenue Montaigne I bumped into the gorgeous Hailey Baldwin at the Saint Laurent boutique. Well, it was a girl's shopping session ;) ! For the outfit I decided to wear denim and comfy shoes as I knew I would walk a lot during the day ! Hope you guys will like the article. Xoxo

Sunnies : Fendi (find it here)
Bag : Chanel
Shoes : Gucci (similar here)
Mom Jeans : (find it here)
Top : Zara



For the second year consecutive I've attended the fashion week and this time it's Paris Fashion Week ! The one that closes the fashion month. It's also known as the most requested as it has some of the best and biggest names in the fashion industry. The city of lights is by far one of my favorite. I always feel happy when I am there. The french free-thinking way, the energy, the monuments across the city that are kind of reference point when we want to find your way, the restaurants, etc... Seriously, I could write lines and lines about Paris but let's focus on the fashion week. I've been invited to some amazing shows and showrooms to discover the collections and the brands. When I arrived the first day, I went directly to a cocktail with Dorothée Schumacher as you could read on my previous article and the other day I started going to the scheduled shows and showrooms and managed to make some shopping in between ;) ! This is the first outfit that I wore for the fashion week and that day I attended John Galliano and Dorhout Mess fashion shows. I totally loved the John Galliano SS17 collection which has amazing cuts and transparency. Dorhout Mess show was very innovative and creative with a lot of corsets. Now, I'll let you discover the pictures of my outfit and some of the Galliano's show. Hope you'll like it and stay tuned for more ! Xo xo

BAG : GUCCI (Available here)
SHOES : GUCCI (Available here)


Hi peeps ! I am writing this article from Paris where I am staying for the Paris Fashion Week. I arrived yesterday and headed directly to the Hotel Retz at the 3ème for the Dorothée Schumacher's cocktail. It was a pleasure to meet the designer herself and exchange a few words about the collection. She's super talented and kind ! I could see the pieces of the fashion show that was held in Berlin. You can see some pictures of my favorites ones. Hope you'll like it and stay tuned for more articles from PFW. Xo xo


Hello my sweet pies ! I needed to try out the successful lip kits by Kylie Jenner. I got the Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, True Brown K and the Mary Jo K which is the one that I'm wearing in the pictures. All of them have a mat texture so it's very important to hydrate your lips before using them. After a few seconds you apply on your lips, it becomes like a dry painting, I mean, you can kiss and it won't transfer the color. That's amazing specially when you wear red. My favorite lip kit from those I have is for sure the Mary Jo K. It's a deep elegant red that works perfectly with my skin tone and for any skin tone ! Have you guys already tried some of them ? Xo xo 💋💋

Lip Kits : Kylie Cosmetics (available here)


When it's summer we don't need a lot of stuff. A bikini, a pair sunglasses and a bag to carry some products and wallet are enough. My favorite bikini of this summer is this one by Missoni. I just can't help but Missoni bikinis are the best ! It has great cuts, gorgous colors and suits the body so well. About the sunnies, I am love with are those Céline. I remember when I first saw them at the boutique that was love at first sight. The design is super powerful and it just complete the whole outfit. And this Gucci bag, I've been bringing it everywhere with me. It is multi-compartment so I put my whole stuff into it!

Bikini : Missoni (available here)
Bag : Gucci (available here)
Sunnies: Céline (available here)


Santorini you stole my heart 💓! I am still dreaming of this beautiful place. I loved walking early in the morning in those white little streets when the sun was not yet that hot. And think about nothing and everything at the same time. It's crazy how the simplest things make us the happiest and that just allow us take a step back and realize that nothing is impossible. Well, there are some magic places in the world and Santorini is one of them. Have a nice day my lovelies readers ! Xo xo 

Sunnies : Fendi (available here)
Bag : Gucci (available here)
Sandals : Massimo Dutti (similar here)


For me the skin is very important and I am always taking care of it no matter where, no matter when. Actually, I kind of have a body ritual after the shower. I always take pleasure to hydrate my skin, whether it is the skin of the face or the skin of the body. I've already showed you guys some of my face products that I use the most lately and now I wanna share with you my favorite body lotion at the moment. Les Délices de Bain by Guerlain is a body lotion in a gorgeous bottle. The velvety texture is so amazing, I promise you ! My skin gets so comfortable, hydrated and fresh. I am completely obsessed with the fragrance of white musk and the woody notes it has. For me it's like a well-being moment !


Patches are a trend. For the story, it appeared in the 70s as way of expression then in the 90s in a pop vibe with bold colors. Now in 2016, it's the revival again, I've seen it everywhere and every brand comes out with patches on anything. Clothing (denim, leather, etc), shoes and bag. But the great thing is that we can do it ourselves. The idea is to have an exclusif piece without spending too much money for it. You can find patches almost everywhere and customize something you have in your closet and give it a refresh.
I am partnering with Zalando on this DIY project and when they asked me what I would like to show, I immediately came out with the idea of the patches as I know that you would love. 
And just for your information guys and if you are interested in more DIY, check out Zalando website (https://www.zalando.ch/diy) as they have amazing videos. 
Now, I'll let you click on "continue reading" to see all the steps and learn how to DIY ! Hope you'll like it ! Xo xo


Happiness is when your outfit matches with the background (just joking) ;)! These sunnies by Dior are truly my favorite and I've been wearing them so many times lately. Seriously, Dior is always killing it! 
You guys, I am kind of missing the sea and the sun but I can not complain as here in Switzerland we are still having a wonderful and exceptional long summer.
During my trip to Santorini, I stayed in the beautiful boutique hotel On the Rocks which is carved into the rocks of Imerovigli. The mediterranean blue with the white colors is truly breathtaking and really show the essence of Santorini ! I'm super excited to show you lovely  readers more pictures !! Xo xo

Bag : Chanel
Sandals : Naf Naf
Dress : Zara
Sunglasses : Dior


I love that time of the year when all brands launch the most beautiful beauty summer products. When I look the package I instantly fell the summer and think about the hottest destinations. Not to mention the fragrances that take me on a getaway right away.

Terracotta Pause d'été (Limited Edition): This gorgeous powder for face and décolleté is combined of terracotta shade with a pink color on the middle and gold shimmer. It's perfect to accentuate the sun-kissed skin glow. The two shades can be applied separately but I prefer to mix them and apply starting by the forehead to the cheekbones and down to the chin. The texture is very soft, comfortable and lasts all day. That's a must! I also love the concept of environmentally sound wooden package.

Terracotta Terra Magnifica (Limited Edition): This bronzing powder with terracotta and sand shades also contains slight gold shimmer. I also like to blend the shades and apply it drawing a 3 shape. Then I take a bit of the light shades to highlight the top of the cheekbones, nose and lips contour. 

Caudalie Huile Divine : Actually this oil is for body, face and hair. But I prefer to use only on my body skin. I love it and my favorite way to use it is right after the shower while my skin is wet. Then I rinse a bit with water and dry my skin normally with a towel. Afterwards I apply my body lotion. You guys must try as the skin becomes super hydrated and with a solar fragrance.

Terracotta Sun Protection SPF30 (Limited Edition) : I loved discovering this moisturizer sun protection by Guerlain and I was totally impressed on how it activates and accelerates the tan so quickly. I use on my whole body and it's my favorite sun protection actually.

Lancôme Soleil Bronzer SPF50 : I always use high protection when I am going to be exposed to the sun and specially on my face. This moisturizer by lâncome has a perfect light texture and smell so good. It really protects and allow an smooth effect to the skin.

Booster Detox by Clarins : When I feel that my skin is really tired and need a boost, I mix on the palm of my hands my moisturizer and 3 to 5 drops of the Clarins detox booster. When I use it I feel like my skin is detoxified and radiant. This booster is available at clarins.ch.

Masque-Crème by Caudalie : I love doing masks and this one from Caudalie is super hydrating. Sometimes I put before going to sleep and wake up with a renovated skin.


Fira or Thira is the capital of Santorini. There's a vaste choice of restaurants and shops and obviously it's very crowded but really charming at the same time. You can go from the port to the top of the city with a cable-car, donkeys or by foot. I definitely loved walking in the little cute streets there ! Xo xo

SUNGLASSES : Céline (here on Sale!!)
SHORT JUMPSUIT : Zara (here and here)
SANDALS : Massimo Dutti (similar here)


Because the food is so delicious in Greece, I want to share with you guys my gastronomic experiences in this unique place. Starting by this amazing restaurant called La Maison which is located in Imerovigli with a stunning view to the caldera and the sunset. They make mediterranean food but in a such creative way with innovative tastes. The chef is greek but has knowledges in french cuisine that he could learn in Paris. So what a great match. Don't you agree? I swear the food is so delicious - out of this world ! We did our reservation there for 8pm and around 8.30pm we can start seeing the breathtaking sunset. It was overwhelming and these pictures just don't make justice to what we see on live. Santorini is a dreamy place with such a romantic atmosphere ! Just wanna go back ! Xo xo

Imerovigli 86700 - Santorini, Greece
Tel.: +30 2286025649
E-mail: info@lamaison-santorini.com


When I travel I love to immerse myself in the culture of the country I am visiting. Kind of an in depth-immersion that goes from food, culture, language to fashion and beauty products. While in Santorini, I had the pleasure to discover this amazing greek brand called Korres. The brand produces natural and organic products with plants' extracts. I bought the mint tea body scrub and the exfoliating cleanser for the face and I love them. It removes all dead cells and let the skin so soft and smooth. I really recommend them and I am sure I'll try out more products from Korres. Xo xo