Hello everybody ! It's saturday!! Huhuu… What are your plans for this weekend ? As for myself, I don't know yet but I''ll find something to do of course. These days the weather is so nice here in Switzerland. So much sun and a pleasant temperature. These pictures were taken last sunday before a lunch by the lake. I was wearing a peplum green skirt and a black top. I decided to accessorize with this cute belt and really liked how it turned out ! Hope you guys like this article and don't forget to vote for me in this link http://www.zalando.ch/blogger-awards-2014-abstimmen/ ! Thanks a lot and have a great weekend ! Xo

SKIRT : Zara (Similar here and here on Sale!!)
TOP : h&m (Similar here and here on Sale !)
CLUTCH : Hallhuber (Similar here, here and here)
BELT : Jimmy Choo (Similar here and here)
WATCH : Rolex (also here)
SANDALS : Zara (Similar here and here)
NAILS : Chanel


I was wearing some days ago, just before the weather went super hot, these gorgeous leopard printed pants. I love the fluid material it has. It's super comfy and cute. I decided to combine the pants with a white top and blazer as the weather was sunny but super windy (a bit cold in the shade) at the same time. Some accessories and I was ready to hit the city !

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SUNNIES : Céline
BAG : Louis Vuitton and here
PANTS : h&m (similar here and here)
BLAZER : Mango (similar here and here)
TOP : h&m (similar here)
SANDALS : Zara old collection but similar here


Hi people ! As you certainly know(well, who doesn't..?), yesterday was the official opening of the world football cup 2014 in Sao Paulo. The first game started with of course the organizing country Brazil and Croatia as the opponent. Oh My My… I wish I was there !!
This world cup is pretty special because it takes place in the football country where the football geniuses born(heheh..;) but also because of the current political and social context of Brazil. The country is divided. On one side, the lies of the government concerning the origin of the money which finances this big project. It cost a lot of money, we talk about billions which went out of the pocket of the taxpayer. I mean brazilian citizen, those who work hard every day to touch a mediocre salary compared from others countries. For a long time, brazilian population ask only for better conditions regarding education, health and wage. I totally agree with the brazilian who are doing demonstrations on the streets everyday in order to take advantage of the event's mediatization to show to the whole world what's really going on inside the country. To catch the world's attention on these problems will MAYBE be beneficial and bring some improvements !
And on the other side we have the Seleçao which brazilians are so proud of. In spite of all the problems involving the cup, 70% of brazilians want the Seleçao to win. So, there's a lot of pressure on player's shoulders and specially on those of Neymar. Statistics show that it's the only country with a so high percentage ! Well, it's a national passion, It's a second religion !!
All this being said, I hope that everything will end positively ! And after a crazy evening full of feelings and excitement, seeing everybody proudly sing the national anthem until the end, the shots on goals, my heart was like dancing the samba during all the game. Ok, I have to tell you that I am not crazy about football like a boy who watch all games from any team anytime, BUT during world cup I can't avoid twisting, vibrating, supporting the Seleçao and screaming in front of the screen "Vai Neymar" as he was going to hear me(hihi..) !! Love this vibe !

Turning now to the outfit which is the article's subject, here is how I pulled out a black midi skirt. I love its shape and really recommend you to wear with heels as it will flatter the silhouette much more. I matched the skirt to this funny top with the "CELFIE DARLIN'" text. It's kind of a romantic look because of the skirt. Hope you'll like it and can't wait to read your comments.

SKIRT: h&m (Similar here)
SANDALS : Zara (Similar here)
WATCH : Michael Kors
TOP : h&m (Similar here)


This is probably one of my favorite outfits ! So colorful and spring-like. In my opinion, high waisted pencil skirts combined with cropped tops is super gorgeous and elegant at the same time. And the mirrored round sunglasses just give a "je-ne-sais-quoi" touch to the look ! It's completely a high low outfit as I am mixing some pieces from luxury brands to democratic ones. I love to have timeless items in my closet like this Moschino red pencil skirt that I got via zalando (believe me it's an investment!) and these gorgeous Miu Miu nude pumps. Regarding this bright yellow cropped top, who would tell it's from h&m ?! It's super fashionable and a love the cut and the fabric ! And the cherry on the cake, the outstanding weather ! Hope that like this outfit as much as do ;) ! Xo

SKIRT : Moschino (similar here and here)
PUMPS : Miu Miu (similar here)
TOP : h&m (similar here and here)
SUNNIES : Zara (similar here and here)
CLUTCH : Zara (similar here and here)
LIPSTICK : Honey Love by Mac (here)