Eventhough it's fall the temperature is just like in winter, I mean freezy! You know I am really but really sensitive to cold, so it's just time to wear warm clothes. And when I tell to get dressed warmly I mean all the outfit. So after being dressed I think I am at least 2kg more than I really weigh. You know, between gloves, hat, tights, boots, vest and so on, I can easily double my weight or maybe have the impression it's the case.
I think it's the most difficult period of the year to get well dressed as the mainly thing we care about is to keep warm. However, I always try to use my creativity while getting dressed. What about you guys ?

BAG : Zara
BOOTS : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : "Diva" by M.A.C.


OK it's fall but these last days the weather was really great ! The sun was shinning, the temperature was not cold but rather pleasant. OMG, every single day I need to check how the weather's like to know how I have to get dressed!! It's crazy but some days if you don't pay attention and don't wear hot garments you risk to catch some virus with the cold weather while other days you just need a little jacket and it's ok ! You know, finally, the nature only help us to improve our fashion creativity. Isn't is ;) ?
About this outfit I was wearing, it was quite comfy and elegant. I picked out sober colors as beige and black and a very little touch of golden on the clutch. I am amazed about the shape and the cuts of my new jacket. I just want to wear this jacket as much as I can. Then few days ago I decided to combine this lovely jacket with this gorgeous legging with leather effect, the black mid heels pump of which the material consists mainly of velvet and a clutch. What do you think guys about my outfit ?

TOP : h&m
ESCARPINS : Mango (old)
CLUTCH : Guess
SUNNIES : Emporio Armani


Last friday I attended the Mode Suisse Event in Zürich. A big thank you to the lovely Dario! So, it was the 2nd edition of Mode Suisse in Switzerland and the concept consisted in fashion shows and showrooms where swiss designers have the possibility to show their collections. For me it was a great opportunity to discover swiss labels as I didn't still know it. Unfortunately I couldn't see each session of the shows because of my agenda nevertheless I was quite happy to find time to go and see the last session of the shows. As the event was at the evening, I chose to wear shorts with an amazing pattern, a simple shirt with studded golden buttons and black tights to keep warm all night long. For the make-up, I threw myself into red lips and on the eyes I was using a mix of brown and golden eye shadows. the watch and the clutch were the accessories I added to the took. For me less is more then I didn't need more accessories. So I think that I had the complete look to enjoy the event.
SHIRT : Mango
SHORTS : h&m
SHOES : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : "Rouge Pur Couture - The Mats nr. 204" by YSL
NAILPOLISH : "Rouge Expressioniste" by YSL


It's a fact, I don't like war but I LOVE military trend ! Clothes are simple and comfy like in the army but the fabrics are really softer. Furthermore it's adapted to the women's morphology! So what else ? And... what do you think about mixing military and skull ? Well, I did it and I was quite happy about the result. All these skulls remind me the Alexander McQueen brand that I love so much... I am crazy about!! In addition to that, I was trying the ombré lips as you can see. You might already know that it consist on wearing a lighter lipstick color in the middle of the lips and a darker on the rest of the lips. It was funny when I was filling my lips with both color. I don't know you, but when I saw in pictures, visually, it's just as my lips are swollen with this mix of colors.. Ok, the next time I want bigger and pulpier lips I know what to do:). Hope you love my outfit and I am curious to know your thoughts.

WATCH : Michael Kors
LIPSTICKS : Yves Saint Laurent


Well, I was wearing this outfit few days ago. I would describe it as a classic, elegant and modern ensemble at the same time. The colors I was using where essentially neutral colors as beige on the pants and blazer, white on the top and little touches of blue and black. Obviously, what gave a touch of modernity to the look was surely the stripes on the top and the neon color combined with the snake pattern on the sandals. To make it more unusual I added my retro sunnies that I love so much. Hope you'll like this post and have a great monday :)!

WATCH : Esprit
CLUTCH : Michael Kors


This monday I had my birthday but I've been celebrating last Saturday. So, I went to the O'terroirs Restaurant at the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Neuchâtel and I had amazing time there. The atmosphere was so great and cosy with the piano live music. Among all delicious choices in the menu, I tried "la chasse", and it was completely delightful. Regarding my outfit, I just hadn't time to take pictures in the afternoon but I tried to do my best to shoot great photos during the night to show you my outfit even if it was difficult with the subdued light. Please forgive me if sometimes pictures have yellow shades... 
So, for the night I decided to wear a Zara low back sequined dress that I matched to my beloved Chanel pumps and a vintage clutch. I think that it was the perfect dress I found to celebrate my birthday and to enjoy that sparkled night! About the make-up, I went for a dramatical black smokey-eye with nude lips. This make-up is totally different from what I usually do. You know, the most of time, as you can see in all my previous posts, I have soft or nude make-up. Moreover, I was completely happy of the result of this smokey made by myself only ! Hope you'll appreciate my pictures and see you tomorrow:)!

DRESS : Zara
PUMPS : Chanel
NAILPOLISH : "Suspicious" by Chanel
LIPSTICK : "Rouge Volupté Nr. 24" by Yves Saint Laurent


For me polka dot is just a classic and a feminin pattern. I was wearing this look few days ago as the weather was nice. I just wanted to create a flattering and modern silhouette and that's why I chose to wear shorts. I don't know if you already had the occasion to visit Louis Vuitton these days but this casual look with polka dot makes me think about the currently collaboration of Louis Vuitton with the talented Yayoi Kusama. She is a Avant-garde sculptor, painter, novelist and polka dots is her trademark. I discovered her limited edition for Louis Vuitton two weeks ago while I was shopping and visiting Louis Vuitton store. The collection is amazing and I completely had a crush on the round sunglasses but finally don't bought and now I am always dreaming about those sunnies:-)!! 

WATCH : Michael Kors
BRACELET : Avant Première
HELLS : Mango


These pictures were taken last sunday while I was walking and enjoying have great time without the stress of the week. The weather was a little bit grey but better than the previous day with that rain all day long. 
So, that day I was just relaxing during my walk. I was wearing an casual outfit with pastel colors. I decided to combine lavender pants with nude beige sandals and sweater. In my opinion, lavender is such a beautiful and soft color. Hope you'll love how I was getting dressed. See you ;-*


Hey guys ! I missed you and sharing my posts with you ! However, after one week, I am back blogging, and not alone, but together with my black panther :)!
You know, I thought I would NEVER wear clothes with head of animals or something like that. For me it was completely has-been and it reminded to me a Grandfather with his big pullover in front of the tv. BUT, when I saw this panther t-shirt in Zara stores I obviously had a crush ! As we would say in french, "il a de la gueule!". 
So few days ago I was in a rock mood and wanted to get dressed in that vibe. Then I matched this incredible t-shirt to a simple skirt and to my new Burberry ankle boots with platform. I fell completely in love with these boots. It's a little expensive but such a great investment, you can believe me! Afterwards, I accessorized the outfit with silver jewellery and a black studded clutch. Modestly speaking, this look is just amazing. Hope you'll love it too ! See you :-*

BOOTS : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : Diva by "M.A.C"