Hello my lovelies ! During Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to visit my favorite brand ever ! Hermès has such a great history and a strong know-how that exceeds the time. After, getting to know a little bit more the brand in the showroom, I could not only see very closely the pieces from the fashion show but also learn the story behid each one. So now, I want to share this with you. This collection is kind of "androgyne" but feminine at the same time. Actually the collection recalls workers outfit/uniforms and we can find in every piece functional details. Nothing is left to chance as everything was created for a reason. Nadège also added a lot of colors (pastel and bright) to the collection which is kind of new to the brand. If you haven't seen the fashion show yet, just press play in the end this article ! Xo xo


When I bought this Sportmax dress, I knew right away that I would take the pictures of the outfit at Colonnes de Buren in Paris. I thought that it would be fun to match my outfit with the background and I love the result. Hope you do too ;) ! I matched the dress with these gorgeous Chanel moules that I wanted for a while and was sold out in Switzerland. Actually I received them from my love as a gift a few days before my birthday but I couldn't wait to open the box. After all, we were at Paris Fashion Week and no other occasion would be better to inaugurate them! Wouldn't it ? So, I went for this total black and white look for the third day of PFW as I attended the Valentin Yudashkin fashion show and had some showrooms and cocktails. Valentin Yudashkin collection was breathtaking, very elegant with a lot of  pastel shades. As I am back in Switzerland, I am trying to show you everything about my 1st PFW. Have a great start of the week my lovelies ! Xo xo

Dress : Sportmax
Sunglasses : Fendi
Shoes : Chanel 


Dorhout Mess Show was incredible. I loved how she added a lot of corsets on the outfits. It was a big highlight of the show. Right after the show, I had the pleasure to meet the designer on backstage and have a more closely view on the collection, the beauty and hair style that the models wore for the show. The hair was very sleek or with volume on the top of the head and very voluminous on the lengthes. Regarding the make-up, it was very fresh, not heavy at all. It was essentialy nude eyes and lips, a lot of highlighter on the cheekbones, nose and upper lips. The final result was very interesting. I'll let you discover everything on the pictures below. Xo xo


Hello my loves ! I started the second day of PFW with Leonard Paris show at the Grand Palais. The collection made me totally dream about next summer. A lot of colors, prints, textures, everything was awesome ! And Shy'm, the talented and beautiful french singer was on the front row with her new amazing blond hair. Then quick lunch at l'Avenue restaurant (Zayn Malik was there) before the Escada Showroom. During a shopping session at the Avenue Montaigne I bumped into the gorgeous Hailey Baldwin at the Saint Laurent boutique. Well, it was a girl's shopping session ;) ! For the outfit I decided to wear denim and comfy shoes as I knew I would walk a lot during the day ! Hope you guys will like the article. Xoxo

Sunnies : Fendi (find it here)
Bag : Chanel
Shoes : Gucci (similar here)
Mom Jeans : (find it here)
Top : Zara



For the second year consecutive I've attended the fashion week and this time it's Paris Fashion Week ! The one that closes the fashion month. It's also known as the most requested as it has some of the best and biggest names in the fashion industry. The city of lights is by far one of my favorite. I always feel happy when I am there. The french free-thinking way, the energy, the monuments across the city that are kind of reference point when we want to find your way, the restaurants, etc... Seriously, I could write lines and lines about Paris but let's focus on the fashion week. I've been invited to some amazing shows and showrooms to discover the collections and the brands. When I arrived the first day, I went directly to a cocktail with Dorothée Schumacher as you could read on my previous article and the other day I started going to the scheduled shows and showrooms and managed to make some shopping in between ;) ! This is the first outfit that I wore for the fashion week and that day I attended John Galliano and Dorhout Mess fashion shows. I totally loved the John Galliano SS17 collection which has amazing cuts and transparency. Dorhout Mess show was very innovative and creative with a lot of corsets. Now, I'll let you discover the pictures of my outfit and some of the Galliano's show. Hope you'll like it and stay tuned for more ! Xo xo

BAG : GUCCI (Available here)
SHOES : GUCCI (Available here)


Hi peeps ! I am writing this article from Paris where I am staying for the Paris Fashion Week. I arrived yesterday and headed directly to the Hotel Retz at the 3ème for the Dorothée Schumacher's cocktail. It was a pleasure to meet the designer herself and exchange a few words about the collection. She's super talented and kind ! I could see the pieces of the fashion show that was held in Berlin. You can see some pictures of my favorites ones. Hope you'll like it and stay tuned for more articles from PFW. Xo xo