How are you doing since my last post guys ?? Hope you're well and that you missed my posts(hehe ;))! I am just heading to the university class right now and the week will be sooo long. About this outfit, it's certainly the last time I am wearing shorts without tights as it's getting colder here in the chocolate country. Don't have a lot to say but hope you'll enjoy this post. Have a great start of the week folks !!

HEELS : Chanel
JACKET : Forever 21
HAT/TOP : h&m


Good morning peeps ! I was so absent lately because of my studies... It's been taking all my time and energy (sincerely, at the end of the day I just want to sleep) but let's say that it's worth it. 
As today is such a special day for me because it's my B-day, I wanted to celebrate it with all of you despite of the long day is waiting for me. So I come with this post where I am wearing this cute porcelain print blazer that I am in love with. About my age, gotta hide it or should I say that I'm playing à la Karl Lagerfeld... heheh. Well, a bit of mistery doesn't hurt ! Hope you like the pics and see you soon ! Bisou Bisou

BLAZER : Sheinside