Wearing total black is for me something new. I usually love combining it with other colors and specially with white which is such a classic. If you follow my blog from a while you might know this ;)! But this time I wanted to go for a total look with some discreet golden details and that's all. Just loved how it turned out !! What about you ? Bisou Bisou

BOOTS : Burberry
TOP : Nowistyle
VEST/BAG : Avant Première
RING : Persunmall


In my opinion, trying different styles is just the best part of fashion. I mean, we can play with it according to our daily mood and this really fascinates me. In fact, I get bored very fast and consequently I need to go for something different from time to time. And even if I would describe my style as chic, elegant with a touch of modernity, I love being able to build up different looks as this one I am wearing now. The ripped pants combined with the jacket just make it rock-and-roll and the Louboutins added that chic vibe to the look. I am madly in love with this outfit that resonate with an edgier rock style. Finally, I kept my natural hair (kinda wavy-curled hair) that I think matched nicely to the look I created.

Remember the last post where I was talking about my blogger troubles ? Well, I wanted to thank you so much for your comments on it and specially Tanja for the precious help ! Now everything works and my pictures are as I wanted it to be, I mean, without that strange loss of quality !

Hope you'll enjoy this post and see you soon ;) !! Bisou Bisou

BAG / TOP : Zara
RINGS : Swatch and h&m
HEELS : Christian Louboutin


Ok, I am having some troubles with blogger. Usually the process I do is resize my pictures on flickr and upload each one on blogger. But something bad is happening as the quality change in bad way when I place the photos on blogger. If you are reader and if you also have a blog, is it also happening to you ? Or if it already happened how did you solve that problem ? I would be so grateful for your help :) !! Now let's talk about the outfit of the day... I must confess that I took these pictures few days ago when the weather was ok for shirts and sandals. But now, It's all about jacket and coats. So that day, I wore my faux leather black pants with this amazing shirt. Some accessories and then I am ready for a casual day. Let me know what you think about the outfit and about my blogger troubles ;) ! Bisou Bisou
SHIRT : Persunmall
BAG : Guess
NECKLACE : Nowistyle