Patricia is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger and influencer based in Switzerland. She was born in Brazil. During her childhood until the beginning of her teenage years, her main activities were studying, helping her grand-mother at home and catwalk modelling in the tropical country. Then, she moved to Switzerland with her mother and thereafter started her studies in economics and business administration while working in the Swiss chocolate industry. She speaks six languages (French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and German).

In 2012, alongside her work in the watchmaking industry, she decided to create her own space where she could share her vision with the world regarding fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She named it «Pashionality», the combination of words Patricia, Fashion, Passion and Personality. In 2020, she changed the design and the name of her blog to call it by her own name « Patricia Do Nascimento ».


Since her digital journey, she got featured in Swiss magazines, attended fashion weeks and collaborated with renowned brands from the fashion and luxury industry. She likes mixing colors and defines her style as eclectic. She’s a free spirit and stands for female empowerment.