Autumn only started and temperature is cooler since a few days here in the chocolate country ! However, it seems that autumn and winter will be orange. Well, orange is a strong summer color which will illuminate our life this season ! I am sure that you, fashion readers, have already heard about or seen on the runways, fashion magazines and in most of the stores. And even if I love this color I prefer avoiding the total look to not look like a giant orange. So I went for pants which I combined with black. In my opinion, when we have a strong color like this one, neutral colors remain still the best associations as well black, gray, beige and taupe. Hope you will love this casual orange look.

EARRINGS : Gift from a friend


I am so in love with this dress that I didn't want to take it off ! You know, when you feel clothes like a second skin so much comfortable and beautiful it is ! So I was wearing this gorgeous dress to have dinner but I took some photos out before dinner at the end of the afternoon this way you can see better all details of the look.
This is a total black look with a touch of green color on the necklace. For me the mix of lace and leather is so stylish and ultra feminin. It's all about rocking a tough and understated sexy ! What do you think guys ??
SHOES : Chanel
CLUTCH : Guerlain
LIPSTICK : "Tiramisu" by Estée Lauder


That day I was in a animal atmosphere. So my outfit with specially that pants, heels and vest was completely wild. Well, sometimes girls can have a little Jane side... hehe :). This faux fur vest is so soft and with the weather getting more and more chilly it just warms me ! And the hat is just an accessory that I really enjoy wearing during autumn and winter and you'll probably see me wearing more hats soon!
About my autofocus problem, I have discovered that the problem was on the len and I have sent it to the after-sales-services. Meanwhile, I got a len of help to be able to take pictures and post on the blog ! These photos here were made with the problematic len however pictures are quite good and I am happy to show you :)! So hope you'll love !

FAUX FUR : Globus
HEELS : Jimmy Choo
NAILPOLISH : Chanel "Frenzy" and "Black Satin"


Right now I have some problems with my camera.. In fact, I can't use the autofocus option to make photos. It is just like blocked and a red square appears on the screen. Consequently, the neatness is not good enough. So I am doing my best to make great photos without autofocus and I am managing to find a solution as soon as possible. However, as a beginner with this kind of camera, it is not so easy. If you have some suggestions on how adjust it, your advice is welcome :-)! I really hope to solve this problem without sending my camera to the after-sales-service because I don't know how long will set the repair. 
In spite of this autofocus' problem, I really love this post ! It is one of my favorites and all these colors on this H&M jeans are so amazing ! I was feeling very comfy and it inspired me so much to create the look and to make photos ! Hope you like it guys and see you tomorrow;-* !

HEELS : Manufatto
BAG : The Cambridge Satchel Company


You know, historically worn by the english people, the tweed is a fabric of weaved wool from which the color is obtained from several threads of different colors twisted together. At first, it was used by farmers and hunters. BUT, the fashion tweed was highly seen on runways for the autumn 2012 collections. Indeed, it's the arrival of a more refined tweed. I mean, new colors, finer weaving as we can see on Gucci, Burberry and so on. So quite different to the square image we can have towards tweed !
Well, all this history to explain you the fabric of my short, hehe... So, we are at the end of Summer and I am already missing the hot weather as in Switzerland the weather is getting colder specially in the morning. Even so, it's still possible to wear shorts, it depends on days. Then I took advantage of the great weather yesterday and put my neon tweed short ! Yeah, this is just like a piece of transition, I mean, tweed for Autumn with a touch of summer in the neon color. So I think I achieved my goal. As we can say in french " d'une pierre, deux coups"!!

SHORT : Sandro
HEELS : Zara


Well, I took out my old Jimmy Choo for H&M jumpsuit to create a black and gold look. I think this is such a great combination. Even more if we add some spikes. You know, I am getting a crush with spikes right now. I must admit that I've never tried using spikes before but when I saw this amazing bag and this wonderful belt I was totally in love with. It can be very fashionable and elegant. By the way, if you are interested in adding spikes to your outfit you can find it everywhere ! So, go ahead :)!

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JUMPSUIT : Jimmy Choo for H&M