This is literally a business outfit that combines classic pieces as this pencil skirt which brings so much elegance and attitude to the look and this amazing shirt. Twice in neutral colors such as black and beige. However, to go out of the classic and to make it more dramatically I chose a dark lipstick. The Diva from Mac was the perfect shade with its wine color. Specially that it matched magnificently with the bag and the shoes that are in a burgundy color. I really loved this big bag and also the shoes that are so much Yves Saint Laurent inspired ! For the make-up I focused on highlighted lips and soft eyes to avoid the "too-much" effect. Hope you love it !



Last weekend my outfit was totally green. The light was always changing as sun came and disappeared one minute after the other one. That's why you can see different shades of green on my dress. I decide to accessorize my look with this necklace that is so powerful and gorgeous. Then, heels to stretch out the silhouette. Oh my good, I love this look !! what about you ? I hope you will love !!!

DRESS : Sandro
CLUTCH : Michael Kors
LIPSTICK : Estée Lauder "Rose Envy"


Oh my Blog!! I have been so busy this week that I just couldn't post so much looks as I wanted !! I must admit that I have been a bit disorganized this week, shame on me!
But now I have to redeem myself and the best way is of course to start posting now, hehe..
So a couple of days ago, I got an ethnic print look. Well, to tell you the truth and more exactly, this is aztec patterns. Effectively, ethnic is a general word that includes tribal, aztec and so many other patterns. But my skirt here precisely has aztec prints. In fact, the main characteristics of aztec prints are the triangular geometrical shape in various ways and also the colorful. 
Then I decided to wear this bright and beautiful skirt, that was the key of the look, and that is in my opinion perfect for a powerful summertime. As I was getting dressed for all day long, I preferred build up a classic look with a shirt that everybody might have in its garderobe and some simple accessories. However, I am really excited to try a more daring evening version soon. All that sparkle on the skirt is perfect for the night too. Don't you think ? Hope you love it and wish you all a wonderful weekend :-)!



While I was creating this look, I was totally inspired by the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012 campaign that the stylist Marc Jacobs set up.
Everything was capturing my feminine mood. For example, the abundance of eyelet lace forming field of daisies on this top, the pastel colors that remind me the Ladurée macarons and the transparence. 
The main colors I used were white and candy pink with a touch of lavender and green on this stunning flowery necklace . Of course always in soft tones ! I didn't carry a bag, just my Longchamp wallet as everything I needed fitted in. What do you think about this cotton candy ensemble ?

WALLET : Longchamp


In Switzerland summer doesn't last for a long time. Usually, we have much of raining and bad weather. But for my happiness, this year we have a hot and nice summer as you can see in these pictures. The sun is shinning every day.
But even if summer is time to wear bikinis and tan by the lake (as there's no really beach in Switzerland) we can also be stylish wearing comfortable and elegant pieces as this peplum skirt I picked out to wear with this amazing white top and accessorized with this clutch that seems like a bijoux. So a few days ago, before going to have dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Neuchâtel, the Palafitte, where the food is delicious and the view is magical, I went to walk and relax by the lake and took some photos to show you my outfit. Well, a perfect pairing for a fun night out in my opinion. Isn't is ?

WATCH : Michael Kors


Definitively, it's the come-back of the round glasses. It's the in-accessory for this summer. So I created my own retro style with these sunnies à la John Lennon. It was interesting to build up this offbeat and sophisticated look at the same time. I found amazing to plunge me into the sixties atmosphere! It reminds me so much those crazy years marked by the beattles or the rolling stones. 
What about you ? Would you dare John Lennon revival glasses ? I am really interested to know your thoughts.

SHIRT : Zara
CLUTCH/WATCH : Michael Kors
NAILPOLISH : Chanel "May"
GLOSSY LIPSTICK : Chanel "Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, Imaginaire"


Depending on the light, this tulip dress will show more blue shades or more violet shades. I was going crazy as I just couldn't give a name of a color to this dress. Sometimes I was convinced that it was blue and other times I was sure that it was violet. Then my kind hairdresser made me discover that electric blue color ! So, as you can see the tulip dress is in the shape of a inverted tulip. I really love this dress because it shapes up an stylish look. I bought it in Zara, that is one of the bigger fast fashion ever. I think that there we can find fashion clothing that are completely approachable to everybody. Also the quality is not bad at all. Oh, in this post I have my natural curly hair. Most of the time I do my hair straight because I like it so much. Maybe if I had straight hair I would curl it... In each case, the use of hair straightener or anything with a lot of heat damage the hair so much. That's why it's really important to apply masks on your hair and sometimes let them natural and breath. I really advice you to do it or your hair will be breakable.
Yet, I just would like to inform you, kind readers, that from now on you can follow me on bloglovin by clicking here --->   http://wap.bloglovin.com/blog/3902657/pashionality

Hope you enjoy this post and see you !

LOOK : all from Zara


So I decided again to wear an one-piece. Definitively it's my summer must-have. I always wore bikinis so this summer I just wanted to try different things.
This awesome swimwear is from a brazilian brand called CORALI. When I perceived this gorgeous swimsuit during my visit to BUZIOS I just wanted to get it. It's so comfy, fashionable and elegant at the same time that I didn't wait and bought it !  I found that Porto de Galinhas beach that has been voted best brazilian beach for eight times and that is at one hour from Recife was the perfect place to wear my quite new purchase. It was my second time there and I am always fascinated about the beauty of beach and of its natural pools. In this beach, until 11:00AM, we can make a tour with a raft that take us until the middle of the sea where normally should be deep but it is not because there is the reef. Then we can swim with fishes in the natural pool. It is so great and fantastic! So wearing this marvel, drinking coconut water in such a paradise, there's no better way to enjoy life. Hope that you all had so much fun as I do this summer.

SHORT : Zara
SUNNIES : Emporio Armani


Buzios is an ancient fishing port that became a touristic place with a very agitated night-life. After the stay of Brigitte Bardot during the sixties, Buzios became the brazilian Saint-Tropez. Indeed, all Artists and tourists have been attracted by this city. For this reason, the most of the establishments in Buzios are artist studios, sophisticated cafés, traditional restaurants or lodging. You can also see the Brigitte Bardot statue in the main street. From Rio de Janeiro to Buzios, I took about two hours of road. However, I was really delighted when I saw that beautiful and exotic landscape. The peninsula is surrounded by approximately twenty small islands. It is so amazing. Furthermore, I was fascinated about the sand castles on the beachfront as you can see in pictures. This is such a masterpiece. Isn't is ? It is a so meticulous work. I wish I was so talented to a make such work of art.

My outfit during my day in Buzios was quite casual. For me it is very important to feel comfortable during my tourist stroll as there is so much things to do and to see. And if I can be fashionable at the same time it is still better. So this nude crochet short matched perfectly with this tangerine top that gave a touch of color. I think that tangerine is such a summer color and I love it extremely !

SHORT : Zara
SHOES : Guess
BAG : Louis Vuitton


COPACABANA PALACE is the most luxurious and famous hotel in Rio de Janeiro. It faces the Copacabana Beach and many famous people as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Madonna, Diana the princess of Wales, the Rolling Stones, Jennifer Lopez and much more have already stayed in this palace. Without forgetting the talented and prestigious photograph Mario Testino and all brazilian great celebrities of course. Furthermore, I learnt that the Copacabana palace is a cultural patrimony of the city of Rio de Janeiro. how great is that!!
So, this summer, during my short visit in Rio de Janeiro, I was lodging at this wonderful hotel. My suit had a view to the city and was decorated with fine pieces of furniture of time and with original works of art. All added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the atmosphere.

The most of time I was out of the hotel visiting touristics places. So I had dinner only one time in the hotel and the food was incredibly delicious. The rest of my stay I lunched or had dinner on various restaurants of the city and precisely at the Leblon area in the street called "Rua Dias de Ferreira". In this street you can find about forty famous restaurants. Unfortunately, I hadn't enough time to visit each one. However, if you lovely readers, have the opportunity to visit Rio de Janeiro one time, I truly recommend you to try my favorites restaurants. The first one is the "ZUKA", that offers brazilian contemporary and sophisticated kitchen. The menu consists of a vast choice of meat and seafoods. I am just getting hungry when I am thinking about.. How delicious was the food. The second restaurant on my favorite list is the SUSHI LEBLON. It is at the same street that the Zuka. As you can guess, it is a japanese restaurant. I heard so much great things about and like I am a lover of japanese food I do not hesitate and ask the Copacabana palace to book a table. That day I have visited Rio de Janeiro and took lots of photos and the night I wanted only eat great food and relax, so I decided not taking Iphone or camera with. But shame on me!! Seedorf (il Professor), dutch football player that won four champion's league with three different clubs and has joined the Botafogo team from Rio de Janeiro, had his table next to mine and I couldn't immortalize that moment because I had no camera to take pictures:-(... Maybe next time I wish;-)!!
Back to the look. Before the dinner on the Copacabana Palace, I decided to shoot what I was wearing to show you. My look was total black. 

DRESS : Lanvin
HEELS : Chanel (new collection autumn 2012)
Earrings : Windsor
Lipstick : Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Volupté


During my stay in Rio De Janeiro, I have visited the Sugarloaf (Pao de Açucar/Pain de Sucre). 
To reach the summit, I had to take two glass-walled cable car which is capable to hold 65 people each one.  The first cable car runs until to the peak of Morro da Urca that is the shorter mountain. After that, I took the second cable car to reach the sugarloaf. 
The panoramic view from there of the surrounding city is just magnificent. In front of we can also see the majestic statue of the Christ. It is so beautiful just like a dream! I felt really happy to be there !
That day the weather was great but a little windy. You can see my crazy hair on photos because of the wind. The outfit of the day was a pretty lace dress that I love so much in this sweet pink color. Enjoy!!

SHOES : Guess
SUNNIES : Emporio Armani


This season there was a explosion of floral prints all over the runways. We have truly been awash about it. It is the one of hottest trends for this summer 2012. There are lots of ways to add this trend to your wardrobe. If you are not yet convinced of wearing a total floral look, you can start with small touches of accessories, for example jewelry, bags or why not trying a skirt.
Curious to discover it and to know how it would look on me, I decided to try this floral dress and in my opinion the result is not bad at all. The freshness and femininity of this look is perfect for summer days. As you can see, I just combined the dress to minimalistic accessories like the dress is bold and colorful and draw enormously attention.

SUNGLASSES : Emporio Armani