I must confess that this is the kind of outfit I really love to wear everyday because it's very comfy, simple and elegant. I am a lover of soft shades and I think that the nude pencil skirt and shoes matched perfectly with the pastel yellow top. However, as it is something very classic, I decided to add a pop of color in order to modernize the look and the orange bag was perfect for it. Don't you agree ?? Bisou Bisou

PS : As you probably know, I've taken part in the salsa's bloggers battle few weeks ago and I just wanted to thank everybody who supported me and voted for me!!! Unfortunately didn't won the competition but the most important was to participate :)) !!

SKIRT : Zara
TOP/BAG : Nowistyle
SHOES : Gucci
WATCH : Michael Kors
NAIL POLISH : "San Tan-Tonio" by O.P.I


Let's talk about long dresses ! Well, I love those flattering glamourous long dresses which are ideal for special occasions as the gala events, marriages or red carpet where we are asked to be chic and glamourous. On the other hand, I've never been a big fan of casual long dresses so far. The reason probably is that all the winter we are completely covered head to toe, so when the summer arrives I mostly enjoy letting my legs outside. Nevertheless, long casual dresses can keep very comfy and appear polished as this one I am wearing. In addition, I love this kind of blue ! What do you think ? Hope you'll like. Bisou Bisou

DRESS : Nowistyle
BELT : Mango


I stumbled upon this beautiful place yesterday and found it was perfect to shoot my outfit of the day. The decor was amazing with blossoms around and some red details. The weather was really hot and that's why I decided to wear this really cute red dress from Mango. Believe me, the color of the dress is even more beautiful than in the pictures. For the accessories, I think that the nude shoes and belt were perfect to match with this dress and the metallic clutch just added some modernity to the look. What do you think ? Hope you'll like it. Bisou Bisou

DRESS : Mango
SHOES : Gucci
BELT/BAG : h&m
LIPSTICK : "Sable smoke" by Tom Ford
NAILPOLISH : "San Tan-Tonio" by O.P.I


Here in Switzerland it is finally summer ! The days are hotter, brilliantly sunny and I simply love it. How great is to wear shorts again, eat a ice cream by the lake or to have a barbecue with some friends for example. Only thing missing in Switzerland is the ocean, that's why I am looking for a destination by the sea for my holidays next month... Any suggestions ??
About the look of the day, I was wearing this cute floral shorts with white top and blazer. For the accessories, I went for orange color which is one of my favorite colors for summer. Let me know what you thing and have a great day ! Bisou Bisou

BLAZER : Mango
BAG/SHORTS : Nowistyle
TOP : h&m


It's finally Friday guys ! And here is my yesterday's outfit. I was wearing nude pants with a white tank top both from h&m. To finish the look, I accessorized with this beautiful necklace from eFoxcity (a website where you can also find clothes online, evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses), my transparent clutch, my Céline sunnies and my sOOO BELOVED Valentino shoes from their "Rockstud Naked" collection. Valentino is one of my favorite brands and I think that everything in their collection is so elegant, feminine, sophisticated, chic and beautiful. Well, should I say more about it..? Hope you'll like folks and enjoy your weekend ! Bisou Bisou  

TOP/PANTS : h&m 
SHOES : Valentino
NECKLACE : eFoxcity
LIPSTICK : "Sable Smoke" by Tom Ford


What about black and white again ? I remember my first post on Pashionality, almost one year ago, it was all about black and white. Time passed and I've been showing you more outfits in b&w. Look, I don't know why I always tend to wear b&w... maybe because it's a classic and it's so easy to wear. But no matter what it is, I love it ! Don't you ?? Bisou Bisou

TOP : Nowistyle
CLUTCH : h&m


Well, I love spring because of the nice weather, the sun, the blossoms and the bird's call. Everything make me feel so happy. Last week the weather was perfect to wear shorts and sandals and that's what I did. And to make the look more interesting I chose animal prints. It's a simple, casual and elegant look for spring days. Bisou Bisou

SANDALS : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Avant-Première


Hi everybody!! This is a quick little post to inform you that the Salsa's blogger battle will end tomorrow (2nd June 2013). So, you still have time to vote before the end if you haven't yet... 
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Thank you very much for the support and wish you all a great weekend !!!!!