Wrap up everybody ! OMG the cold is there and most important is to keep us warm and cosy. Let's get started with layers and layers !! Here I'm wearing a super cozy pullover from the beloved zara, some boots and a big coat from h&m. Of course, a pretty bag was so much needed to accessorize the attire and this one from Stella McCartney was perfect! Love this black and gray outfit I wore while going to indulge myself with my favorite hot chocolate at the Palafitte in Neuchâtel.

BAG : Stella McCartney (via Monnier Frères)
BOOTS : Burberry


I am coming to show you guys some of my favorites "magic tools" as make up make magic ! As I love getting pampered and trying new things, I decided to make reviews from time to time here on the blog. Some products are kind of my all time favorite as the touche éclat by ysl, the Sourcil by Chanel or the Tom Ford lipstick in shade sable smoke. Others are great discoveries that I will wear for such a long time. So let's get started !


Good Morning early birds !  How are you doing ? Last Thursday, I've moved to another place as I've been telling you on my last post and it was exhausting but hopefully we finished tidying up everything ! Organization is the key ! Now I'll be able to post on a regular basis and can't wait to show all the material which were on stand-by.
These pictures were made on a sunday, and believe me or not, it was hot ! I mean, 24°C ! Never seen before on October month… That sunday I told myself it was certainly the last time I could wear skirt without tights and jumped at the occasion. However, I tried to match the skirt with comfy sneakers what is a completely unusual combination for me. I am always afraid that it will be strange or too much teenager… BUT just liked how it turned out in a modern way !

Sunglasses : Dior
Skirt : h&m
Top/Sneakers : Zara


Hello lovely birds !! How has your weekend been like ? I had a lot to do as I'll be moving to another place very soon and I have so many things to organize, to pack… Fortunately I found some little time to rest before the new week starts ! You can't imagine my excitement about the new apartment which is bigger than what I have now and prettier ! And guess what ? I'll be traveling to Brazil end of this year so I am so happy about the holidays ! Lot of news right..!? It looks a bit crazy to switch from -10 to +40  degrees as it will be summer in Brasil but I am looking forward to see again my whole family and some friends. Not to mention the amazing tropical weather and that salty skin and hair feeling…!! It will be like my "summer holidays" ! But now let me show you my stripped dress while I was out and about in Bern which definitely is one of my favorite cities in Switzerland. You might have noticed as I already wrote it here :). Have a great start of the week !! Xo



These pictures were made just before I cut my hair… and I love how this long hair turned out in the pictures and I have to admit that I am already missing it. In fact, I was a bit tired of the same hair and decided to change a bit (or a lot) ! Nothing fancy at all but just a bit of freshness. One of the advantages to have shorter hair definitely is the fewer time in the morning to get ready ! Now let's talk about the outfit… I am wearing a faux leather pencil skirt that I love the shape with a simple white shirt and heels. I decided to add this gorgeous Shourouk necklace to finish the look and that's all. It's a simple and classy look. What do you guys think about this outfit ? Can't wait to read your comments ! Xoxo

Shoes : Gucci
Skirt : Zara


Pictures by Pierre Vogel ©
Hi guys ! As you certainly know I was asked to style a look around a watch of the Maison Baume et Mercier for the Femina Magazine. The watch is from the upcoming new collection "Promesse" (promise in english) which is all about emotions and moments of our lives. It's very feminine and elegant and I was really excited about taking part in this project as I really appreciate the brand. Their vision and universe fascinate me so much without speaking of the craftsmanship and savoir-faire behind it ! For me, the Baume et Mercier women is sophisticated, elegant and modern at the same time and that's exactly what I wanted to highlight while picking out some items from my closet to create the outfit. I chose some timeless items as this burberry trench coat and the nude Gucci pumps to accessorize this elegant and chic dress. And for the modernity touch I added the trendy Stella McCartney bag that I got from monnier frères. I decided to not wear jewellery as the watch plays this role too ! You can read the whole article by clicking Here ! Hope you'll like it and have a nice day ! Xoxo

Trench Coat : Burberry
Dress : Zara
Shoes : Gucci


Hello everybody ! The other day I went out for a lunch at the luxurious Schweizerhof Hotel in Bern. In fact, the lunch was at their terrace on the rooftop from which the view is just overwhelming ! Plus the food is heaven! Unfortunately I didn't have battery to take more pictures… But You guys should try out their food if you stop by around !
For the occasion I wanted to be comfy and elegant at the same time. So I decided to wear a monochromatic look and some slippers for the comfort. As it was a sunny day, I took out my Dior sunglasses which are for me the prettiest EVER and this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Stella McCartney bag that I got from Monnier Frères ! I am really in love with this bag which is so sophisticated and cool at the same time ! I have to explain you guys that I recently discovered Monnier Frères where we can find all the luxurious accessories we need to complete the perfect outfit of the day. Get a look on their website and see all the treasures out there ! You won't be disappointed, I promise ;) ! Hope you'll like the look and would love to know your thoughts ! Xo

WATCH : Rolex



Hello everybody ! I've been asked from many of you to talk about my skin care routine and here I am. For me the skin is so important and that's why I like to invest in great quality products in order to take care of it. Normally I don't have issues or major problems with my skin and when I talk to some make-up artist or even with saleswoman in beauty stores, they always tell I have a great and beautiful skin. So you can imagine my happiness as I am obsessed person about taking care of my skin. I think that the secret for a great skin is first of all "sleep enough + healthy food + drink water and fresh juices". This will certainly help for a healthy skin and if you can add some hydrating products it would be a must ! So, in this post I am showing you what I do or put in my skin in a daily basis. The process is always the same but I often change brands as I love trying what's new on the market but also want to find the best ! Right now I am loving these products from Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent and Bvlgari. So let's see my routine step by step….

First of all, I wash my skin twice a day, once the morning and the other in the evening after having removed my make-up. I do it with this clarifying cleanser pearly foam. It liberates the skin from the toxins and impurities deep inside. My skin just feels clean and refreshed! It's a pleasant sensation!

I simply love this softening hydrating alcohol-free. It eliminates the impurities that dull skin and prepares the skin to receive the moisturizer. I can clearly see how the skin is smoother and softer !

I have received these two as samples to try and I am loving them. The Génifique it's not yet for me as it's a youth activator for older women. However, I've been try as I received it and I feel like it boots and firms the skin.

The Visionnaire is simply amazing ! It's almost like a primer. The skin is smoother, firmer and it's a anti-wrinkle. What more could a girl ask for ? I HIGHLY recommend!

For me it's essential to hydrate my skin on a daily basis. I ALWAYS choose a moisturizer for the day with sun protection. It's very important to have a SPF even when it's cloudy! The Hydra Zen has it all plus it soothes and relieve stressed skin! I also love its flavor.

The first thing I do when I arrive at home in the evening is to remove my make up, to clean my skin and hydrate. It's important to let the skin breath without the makeup. I like to use a cream specifically for the night and the Hydra Zen nuit is amazing. The skin looks relaxed after day full of stress.

I tried this one and it's richer than the hydra zen nuit. It's more hydrating and if you need something more regenerating this one is perfect !
The skin is more resilient and completely restored. The result is just like I had extra hours of sleeping! This is my favorite for the night !

I use this eye cream day and night. It hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes and fight against visible signs of fatigue and aging (it's never too early to prevent.. hihi)

Once or twice a week I do a facial scrubbing to clean in depth the skin. I use this one from YSL. 
So, I do it after the step 1. 
It has a thick texture just like honey (granule-free) and I apply on my face and neck using circular motion. Then I massage until the texture liquefies on the skin. Then I rinse thoroughly with water. I HIGHLY recommend this one and specially if you have sensitive skin !

This mask is a gem ! It associate the formula "Bvlgari Gem Essence" which has four extracts of fine precious stones chosen for their synergy and beneficial effect on the skin : sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine and the Polypeptides III which plays a key-role on the cellular regeneration. Yes, this mask is pure luxury ! It's a bijoux ! The first time I tried I was completely seduced by the smell and the airy texture. The result is a toned up and radiant skin ! I HIGHLY recommend !

So guys, these are my skincare products actually. Let me know if you've already tried some of them and what do you think ! Have a great day !


La marinière, a Jean-Paul Gautier symbol, a androgynous style which seduces ladies and gentlemen for years ! But don't get me wrong, if Jean-Paul Gauthier brought it international fame, it's well and truly Coco Chanel who was the first to introduce it to the women's wardrobe ! So Thank you to the visionary Coco Chanel and the deserving heir Gauthier! As for me, I tried to wear in a lad back way with a twist of chic ! My favorite accessory to match with : the So Real Dior sunglasses and I am ready to hit the city ! As you've probably seen on my social networking, I can't stop wearing them !! These sunnies have certainly been the "summer 2014 must have" !! What do you guys think ?

WATCH : Rolex
LIPSTICK : Cozy Up by M.A.C


I couldn't miss the beautiful sunflower's fields here in Switzerland… So it was a great opportunity to make something different from what I usually do (I mean pictures of the look). At first sight I was afraid to go in the field because of the little bees in the flowers but I gathered up my courage and went! And verdict no bee sting (these pretty bees were so sweet as much as honey!) but only pretty pictures. I really love the result and I am happy to show you all of them ! Hope'll like it and have a nice day ;)! Xo

TOP : Nowistyle
LIPSTICK : Cozy Up by M.A.C


Hello people ! Let me introduce you to my new gladiator sandals ! They're made of leather and are super comfy ! I received them from the portuguese brand called Miopo and I am in love with! I was wearing them for a casual and edgy look. I just like the combination of gray and black… What about you ? Xo

SHORTS : Zara (similar)
T-SHIRT : Zara (similar)
SUNGLASSES : Zara (similar)
BAG : BCBG Max Azria (similar)


Hi Guys ! Here I am with this summery post ! I went for a lunch some days ago at the JJ Rousseau restaurant in La Neuveville here in Switzerland and decided to make some pictures as the weather was amazing and the place was so beautiful by the lake. So, that's why the tittle of this post, but of course it can reminds to the swiss writer too;) ! I am just back home from my work now and dreaming with summer holidays… french riviera, greek islands, Sardinia, Amalfi coast, cinque terre, maldives and everywhere in the tropics and where the sun shines (cause in Switzerland each day is a new season even in summer). But now I'll let you check out the entire post while I am looking for my next destination for a summer getaway. Have a great Friday folks ! Xo

SHOES : Valentino
PANTS : Zara
TOP : Zara
BAG : Mango


Hi everybody ! A couple of days ago, I've been invited to try an O.P.I manicure at the Beauty&Smile bar à ongles in Geneva. They have a vast choice of colors going from pastels to brights. It was hard to choose one but I finally went for this vibrant red color which in my opinion is perfect for summer. Normally I do my manicure at home by myself as it's so easy but how nice is to relax while someone else is working on it. And the result is impeccable ! Of course, there's a whole process before arriving at the final result but that is really worth it ! In case you guys are from Switzerland and you're around Geneva, I advice you to try this Bar à Ongles for a manicure or any other beauty services they're supplying. Now I'll let you look into the pictures and tell me how do you like my new red nails ! I love it !

Beauty & Smile
Place de la Fusterie 14


What's up everybody !! Isn't this perfect the perfect brick wall to shoot my orange outfit ? I love adding some colors to my looks during spring/summer and this time I chose orange. This orange blazer gave a great boost to the look and I think that the combination of orange and nude is well-matched. What do you think ?
SHOES : Gucci (similar here)
TOP : Zara
PANTS : h&m (similar here)
BLAZER : Mango (similar here)
BAG : Nowistyle (similar here and here)


Hi guys ! How are you doing ? I am so sorry that last week I couldn't publish any post as I had so many urgent things to do and hope you could understand. But now I want to show you these pictures that we've shot some days ago during a stroll in Neuchâtel. For those who aren't from Switzerland, Neuchâtel is a beautiful city by the lake close to the city where I live. I love going there from time to time. The last time I was there, I decided to shot in the Hotel DuPeyrou's Garden. The Hotel du Peyrou is so beautiful with its architecture from 18th century. It kinda reminds to me a little Versailles. Regarding the outfit, I went out for a casual black and white outfit. Because I wanted to be super comfy and the weather was super hot, I chose shorts and flats. Hope you'll like the article and wish you a nice day ;) ! Xo

SANDALS : Naf Naf (similar here)
BAG : Avant Premiere (similar here)
T-SHIRT : Zara (similar here)
SHORTS : Can't remember the brand but you can find a similar here


Hello everybody ! It's saturday!! Huhuu… What are your plans for this weekend ? As for myself, I don't know yet but I''ll find something to do of course. These days the weather is so nice here in Switzerland. So much sun and a pleasant temperature. These pictures were taken last sunday before a lunch by the lake. I was wearing a peplum green skirt and a black top. I decided to accessorize with this cute belt and really liked how it turned out ! Hope you guys like this article and don't forget to vote for me in this link http://www.zalando.ch/blogger-awards-2014-abstimmen/ ! Thanks a lot and have a great weekend ! Xo

SKIRT : Zara (Similar here and here on Sale!!)
TOP : h&m (Similar here and here on Sale !)
CLUTCH : Hallhuber (Similar here, here and here)
BELT : Jimmy Choo (Similar here and here)
WATCH : Rolex (also here)
SANDALS : Zara (Similar here and here)
NAILS : Chanel


I was wearing some days ago, just before the weather went super hot, these gorgeous leopard printed pants. I love the fluid material it has. It's super comfy and cute. I decided to combine the pants with a white top and blazer as the weather was sunny but super windy (a bit cold in the shade) at the same time. Some accessories and I was ready to hit the city !

Now, I want to share with you guys that Zalando Team invited me to participate at the Zalando Fashion Blogger Awards 2014. There's three categories : 1.People's Choice Award, 2.Fashion Jury Award and 3.Newcomer Awards. And you guys can also participate on this competition by voting for your favorite blogger on the "People's Choice Award" category. By voting for your favorite blogger you'll have the opportunity to win a zalando voucher with a value of 125CHF. Isn't this so nice ?? You can access the zalando page competition by clicking here or on the banner I've added on the right side of my blog. You'll just have to introduce the address(URL) from the blog you're voting for, your first and last name and an email address to contact you in case you win the voucher. Regarding the two others categories, a jury of fashion experts will award the prices. So guys, if you want me to be the winner of the People Choice Awards don't forget to give your vote until the 22nd June 2014 ;) ! Thanks a lot for your support !!
SUNNIES : Céline
BAG : Louis Vuitton and here
PANTS : h&m (similar here and here)
BLAZER : Mango (similar here and here)
TOP : h&m (similar here)
SANDALS : Zara old collection but similar here


Hi people ! As you certainly know(well, who doesn't..?), yesterday was the official opening of the world football cup 2014 in Sao Paulo. The first game started with of course the organizing country Brazil and Croatia as the opponent. Oh My My… I wish I was there !!
This world cup is pretty special because it takes place in the football country where the football geniuses born(heheh..;) but also because of the current political and social context of Brazil. The country is divided. On one side, the lies of the government concerning the origin of the money which finances this big project. It cost a lot of money, we talk about billions which went out of the pocket of the taxpayer. I mean brazilian citizen, those who work hard every day to touch a mediocre salary compared from others countries. For a long time, brazilian population ask only for better conditions regarding education, health and wage. I totally agree with the brazilian who are doing demonstrations on the streets everyday in order to take advantage of the event's mediatization to show to the whole world what's really going on inside the country. To catch the world's attention on these problems will MAYBE be beneficial and bring some improvements !
And on the other side we have the Seleçao which brazilians are so proud of. In spite of all the problems involving the cup, 70% of brazilians want the Seleçao to win. So, there's a lot of pressure on player's shoulders and specially on those of Neymar. Statistics show that it's the only country with a so high percentage ! Well, it's a national passion, It's a second religion !!
All this being said, I hope that everything will end positively ! And after a crazy evening full of feelings and excitement, seeing everybody proudly sing the national anthem until the end, the shots on goals, my heart was like dancing the samba during all the game. Ok, I have to tell you that I am not crazy about football like a boy who watch all games from any team anytime, BUT during world cup I can't avoid twisting, vibrating, supporting the Seleçao and screaming in front of the screen "Vai Neymar" as he was going to hear me(hihi..) !! Love this vibe !

Turning now to the outfit which is the article's subject, here is how I pulled out a black midi skirt. I love its shape and really recommend you to wear with heels as it will flatter the silhouette much more. I matched the skirt to this funny top with the "CELFIE DARLIN'" text. It's kind of a romantic look because of the skirt. Hope you'll like it and can't wait to read your comments.

SKIRT: h&m (Similar here)
SANDALS : Zara (Similar here)
WATCH : Michael Kors
TOP : h&m (Similar here)


This is probably one of my favorite outfits ! So colorful and spring-like. In my opinion, high waisted pencil skirts combined with cropped tops is super gorgeous and elegant at the same time. And the mirrored round sunglasses just give a "je-ne-sais-quoi" touch to the look ! It's completely a high low outfit as I am mixing some pieces from luxury brands to democratic ones. I love to have timeless items in my closet like this Moschino red pencil skirt that I got via zalando (believe me it's an investment!) and these gorgeous Miu Miu nude pumps. Regarding this bright yellow cropped top, who would tell it's from h&m ?! It's super fashionable and a love the cut and the fabric ! And the cherry on the cake, the outstanding weather ! Hope that like this outfit as much as do ;) ! Xo

SKIRT : Moschino (similar here and here)
PUMPS : Miu Miu (similar here)
TOP : h&m (similar here and here)
SUNNIES : Zara (similar here and here)
CLUTCH : Zara (similar here and here)
LIPSTICK : Honey Love by Mac (here)