Fashion has been something that has fascinated me since my childhood and I thought that internet was the greatest tool to share my passion for fashion. So, I decided to create my blog. I remember when I sit down and started writing my first post one year ago. Well, time flies and I can't stop sharing with you folks on this personal diary which is Pashionality. Hopefully, we're going to celebrate many years together !! 

I simply love the concept of sharing my passion, my style, my opinions and consequently my personality with everybody in the world. Of course, blogging is not the easiest thing to do as it demands so much time and investment, however it's something very creative and a great form of personal expression. Also, some brands contacted me to collaborate and it was a nice experience for the blog !

For me this is such a special article. It's the last of the year 2013 !! So, I want to THANK YOU so much guys for your faithfulness, I mean, for having read my posts, followed me, for your all your sweet comments, likes and even the criticism. I also have to thank my boyfriend who photographed me for the blog :-* ! 

Well, one year is full of memories so let's get a look on some pictures I selected from the beginning of the blog until now ! Enjoy the last minutes of 2013 and...



MERRY XMAS everybody ! Because this is my favorite time of the year I wanted to make this special post to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you're spending great time with your family, friends and people you love ! That's a nice occasion to share love, smiles, kisses, hugs and all you want (not only gifts..hahha). Here some pictures of my tree decoration. Keep smiling ! 


Hi guys! Just want to tell you that I am still alive in case you were wondering ;) !! I have so many things to do right now as my exams are approaching!! On the week before Christmas I will have 2 exams and then on the first week of January I will have all the others!! I know it's crazy how the exams have been scheduled. I mean, during the holidays will be under my Christmas tree with some books (Hellooo) that's not funny at all... isn't is ? OK.. I'll stop complaining and talk to you about my outfit. It was a beautiful sunny day even if it was a bit cold. I went for black again but with some yellow. Simple, cozy and casual look for any day.
Hope you like it and don't forget to let your thoughts here below! Have a great day!!

JACKET : Sheinside
BAG : Avant Premiere