Music is a part of my life. Since my childhood I love it and remember while dancing samba but not only. Music is part of the brazilian culture and with my friends we used to create choreography on the music of the moment. As a brazilian girl I am proud to modestly say that I've got natural rhythm. I love music with that kind of swing that when you listen to, it makes you wanna danse all night/day long! Yeah, it's such a great feeling ! So guys, here are some music that I am enjoying listen to right now. I guess you too ! Xo xo


Although I am lucky to have a normal skin I love to take care of it. I use to make once a month a deep skin cleasing at my beautician. And by my side at home, I always use products that hydrates a lot my skin as that's what I need. Right now I am trying the Hydra Life Sorbet Creme for face and the one for the eye contour. I am obsessed with the lightweight texture that melts into the skin and leave it so soft and comfortable. Another product that I discovered and can't leave without anymore is the eau de beauté from Caudalie. OMG, I apply it before my creme sorbet and it's gives that extra smoothing and glowing effect to the complexion. Actually, I think it has multi-fonctions as it works very well as primer before the make-up and after to fix everything. Well, that's what I am doing on a daily basis.



Switzerland is full of peaceful places. You just have to look at the mountains to feel the calm and beauty at the same time. Montreux is one of these magical cities that makes you want to live there. I decided to wear black and white that day with comfortable flats as we went for a long walk. And to leave the look more stylish I added my lovely YSL bag. Xoxo