I love having some tea time and when it's at Ladurée it couldn't get any better ! Indulging myself with some Ladurée macaroons around a cup of tea in a cozy vibe is so much relaxing. As I do it from time to time I wanted to show you it in pictures. As it's often said, a picture is worth a thousand words ;) !

As you probably know, I am fan of macaroons and could eat it all day long (No joke!!). Seriously, it's so delicious and additionally so pretty, so how could I resist ? I always try new flavors out there and I loved the "Citron Passion" but my favorite ones remain "Fraise Bonbon" and "Caramel". About the tea I chose "The Mille Et Une Nuits" which is a soft green chinese tea with mixing rose, orange blossom and ginger. I really recommend you guys this one !

Ladurée Switzerland : https://www.laduree.com/fr_ch/
Ladurée International : https://www.laduree.com/en_int/


This perfume is all about parisian romance. The feminine design of the bottle make me think about the love padlock on the bridge of Pont des Arts in Paris. I love the fresh scent with a note of orange blossom and jasmine. First of all, I felt in love with the bottle and then with the fragrance. It deserved an article.

Eau de Parfum : Love Story By Chloé



Good start of the week everyone ! Here are the pictures we shot in Olinda which is a city near where I lived in Brazil. It's very rich in culture and history and it's located by the sea. Furthermore it's very known for its carnival as one of the best from Brazil. I loved so much being there as it's very artistic and all kind of arts meet there as music, painting, artisanals works… I mean, I just wanted to learn the painting and drawing techniques to open my atelier while I was there.. joking ;) ! But seriously, what a vibe over there ! The beautiful streets with colorful houses were so inspiring that we decided to make a shooting for the blog! We spent the day there and had lunch at Beijupira (http://www.beijupira.com.br) which is an amazing restaurant with speciality seafoods. The decor was so insane as while eating you can appreciate the essence of Brazil I mean tropical birds and plants and outstanding view on the city and sea ! And about my outfit of the day, I went for black and white with a touch of color from my new beloved Miss Sicily bag from Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, couldn't avoid wearing my round ray-ban sunglasses in that super sunny day ! Hope you'll like the article and have a nice day ! Bisou bisou



You guys are so CuTe ! I found on www.polyvore.com many sets you did with some of my outfits. I am so glad that you took inspiration from the blog in order to style your sets and it means the world to me. I LOVE each one and just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH as it inspire me back ! Now I want to share the love and here are a few selection of what you did ;) !