Hey guys ! I missed you and sharing my posts with you ! However, after one week, I am back blogging, and not alone, but together with my black panther :)!
You know, I thought I would NEVER wear clothes with head of animals or something like that. For me it was completely has-been and it reminded to me a Grandfather with his big pullover in front of the tv. BUT, when I saw this panther t-shirt in Zara stores I obviously had a crush ! As we would say in french, "il a de la gueule!". 
So few days ago I was in a rock mood and wanted to get dressed in that vibe. Then I matched this incredible t-shirt to a simple skirt and to my new Burberry ankle boots with platform. I fell completely in love with these boots. It's a little expensive but such a great investment, you can believe me! Afterwards, I accessorized the outfit with silver jewellery and a black studded clutch. Modestly speaking, this look is just amazing. Hope you'll love it too ! See you :-*

BOOTS : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : Diva by "M.A.C"


  1. wow <3 you are sucha beauty <3 love your style,so wild!And it suits you!If you want we can follow each other? big kisses!

  2. Heels and a skirt even with a t-shirt!

    We are kindred spirits!

    LOVE your style!


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