Hello everybody ! I've been asked from many of you to talk about my skin care routine and here I am. For me the skin is so important and that's why I like to invest in great quality products in order to take care of it. Normally I don't have issues or major problems with my skin and when I talk to some make-up artist or even with saleswoman in beauty stores, they always tell I have a great and beautiful skin. So you can imagine my happiness as I am obsessed person about taking care of my skin. I think that the secret for a great skin is first of all "sleep enough + healthy food + drink water and fresh juices". This will certainly help for a healthy skin and if you can add some hydrating products it would be a must ! So, in this post I am showing you what I do or put in my skin in a daily basis. The process is always the same but I often change brands as I love trying what's new on the market but also want to find the best ! Right now I am loving these products from Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent and Bvlgari. So let's see my routine step by step….

First of all, I wash my skin twice a day, once the morning and the other in the evening after having removed my make-up. I do it with this clarifying cleanser pearly foam. It liberates the skin from the toxins and impurities deep inside. My skin just feels clean and refreshed! It's a pleasant sensation!

I simply love this softening hydrating alcohol-free. It eliminates the impurities that dull skin and prepares the skin to receive the moisturizer. I can clearly see how the skin is smoother and softer !

I have received these two as samples to try and I am loving them. The Génifique it's not yet for me as it's a youth activator for older women. However, I've been try as I received it and I feel like it boots and firms the skin.

The Visionnaire is simply amazing ! It's almost like a primer. The skin is smoother, firmer and it's a anti-wrinkle. What more could a girl ask for ? I HIGHLY recommend!

For me it's essential to hydrate my skin on a daily basis. I ALWAYS choose a moisturizer for the day with sun protection. It's very important to have a SPF even when it's cloudy! The Hydra Zen has it all plus it soothes and relieve stressed skin! I also love its flavor.

The first thing I do when I arrive at home in the evening is to remove my make up, to clean my skin and hydrate. It's important to let the skin breath without the makeup. I like to use a cream specifically for the night and the Hydra Zen nuit is amazing. The skin looks relaxed after day full of stress.

I tried this one and it's richer than the hydra zen nuit. It's more hydrating and if you need something more regenerating this one is perfect !
The skin is more resilient and completely restored. The result is just like I had extra hours of sleeping! This is my favorite for the night !

I use this eye cream day and night. It hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes and fight against visible signs of fatigue and aging (it's never too early to prevent.. hihi)

Once or twice a week I do a facial scrubbing to clean in depth the skin. I use this one from YSL. 
So, I do it after the step 1. 
It has a thick texture just like honey (granule-free) and I apply on my face and neck using circular motion. Then I massage until the texture liquefies on the skin. Then I rinse thoroughly with water. I HIGHLY recommend this one and specially if you have sensitive skin !

This mask is a gem ! It associate the formula "Bvlgari Gem Essence" which has four extracts of fine precious stones chosen for their synergy and beneficial effect on the skin : sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine and the Polypeptides III which plays a key-role on the cellular regeneration. Yes, this mask is pure luxury ! It's a bijoux ! The first time I tried I was completely seduced by the smell and the airy texture. The result is a toned up and radiant skin ! I HIGHLY recommend !

So guys, these are my skincare products actually. Let me know if you've already tried some of them and what do you think ! Have a great day !


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