RED HEELS is one of the beautiful star shades of the new Guerlain's lipstick collection called La Petite Robe Noire. It's a shiny glossy red with a slightly orange undertone which is perfect of any skin color as it gives the "bonne mine"effect. There's also the nail polish in the same shade that you can match together as I did but it's up to you. I love how the lipstick and the vernis à ongles smell so good and fruity recalling the perfume. Don't you guys think that's the perfect color to celebrate the International women's day ? I really do!! Xo xo

Lipstick and Vernis à ongles : 003 Red Heels by Guerlain (available here)


  1. WOnderful lip colour and mani!

  2. hello,ciao...nice photos...cheers!

  3. It all looks so lovely !


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