Paying tribute to the international kiss day with my favorite lips' products. The skin of the lips is very sensitive. The wind, the hot drinks like coffee or tea for example dries out the skin so much so I always have something with me in order to take care of it. As you probably know, Guerlain is one of my favorite beauty brands. They have that know-how and never disappoint ! Everyday I wear the "Super Lips" by Guerlain which hydrates, plumps and gives that smooth. And for a while now, I am also trying the Abeille Royale Honey Smile and Contour Lift which is so amazing. I really like to wear it specially when I'll wear lipstick because it makes the shape of the lips much more defined and the lines are more smoothed. The package is not only gorgeous and luxurious but it also helps so much for the application. I love them and recommend. Let's kiss now ;) ! Xo xo



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