Hello my lovelies ! During Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to visit my favorite brand ever ! Hermès has such a great history and a strong know-how that exceeds the time. After, getting to know a little bit more the brand in the showroom, I could not only see very closely the pieces from the fashion show but also learn the story behid each one. So now, I want to share this with you. This collection is kind of "androgyne" but feminine at the same time. Actually the collection recalls workers outfit/uniforms and we can find in every piece functional details. Nothing is left to chance as everything was created for a reason. Nadège also added a lot of colors (pastel and bright) to the collection which is kind of new to the brand. If you haven't seen the fashion show yet, just press play in the end this article ! Xo xo


  1. amazing look = ))))


    i invite to me too


  2. que c'est beau !


  3. HERMÈS is my favorite luxury trademark. I like the red dress and bags from this latest collection. I think I will buy the black one. If you will look through reviews on Samedayessay.com you will find out that the show was amazing and a lot of magazines will write about it next month.


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