I was invited in avant-premiere to discover the Petit h at the Hermès boutique in Geneva. I am sure you already know Petit h but just in case let me the joy to write down a few lines about. Petit h is a creative laboratory created by Pascale Mussard (6th generation of Hermès family) which combines artistic vision with the know-how of the craftmen. The purpose is to create objects with the precious materials salvaged from the Hermès production. A swiss cuckoo created from a Kelly bag and the Hermès metamophorsed silk squares "Les Carrés" are some kind of examples of Petit h. The idea is to give a new life to the material. The object has to be functional and it's always a surprise. 

Petit h presented exclusive objects that were created in collaboration with two schools of art and design in Switzerland. Indeed, the House partnered with students in Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury & Crafts from l'ECAL (school of art in Lausanne) under the direction of the designers Nicolas Le Moigne and Bethan Laura Wood. The luxury House also invited the HEAD - Geneva Master in space and communication students to create the showcase of the Petit h. The scenography, the set design reinterprets the technical codes of the studios of Hollywood. For example, the blue tones cover surfaces as in special effect studios. You guys, might stop by the boutique at 39, rue du Rhône in Geneva and discover the "Petit h fait son cinéma" until the 19th November. I promise, you'll love it !

During the event, I had a meaningful conversation with Pascale Mussard and you guys can't imagine how kind and warm-hearted she is. I could feel her passion for what she built and it's truly inspiring ! I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to take part in this exclusive event and have met the Hermès team. Thank you so much for having me Hermès!

Now, I'll let you discover a few pictures about the event and wish a wonderful day ! Xo xo

39, rue du Rhône
1204 Genève


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