Hi Folks ! You might know from my instagram @patricia_do_nascimento that I was invited by the Lausanne Palace to have a luxury lifestyle experience at their hotel. No need to say that I loved staying there and that's why I want to share this with you. This gorgeous hotel is located in Lausanne and it's very well situated. My room was super cozy and beautiful with an amazing view on the lake and mountains. In the end of the day I could see the shades of orange and blue in the sky which was so magical. The bed was so comfy that I didn't want to leave it in the morning but thanks to an energetic breakfast I was ready to start the day. First things first, I had the most relaxing break at their CBE Concept Spa which is pure wellness (sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, massages, fitness room). I can tell you that's the place to be when you need to rest and to treat yourself. Oh, I enjoyed their overwhelming indoor swimming pool from where I could see more than five stars ;) ! 
Regarding food and gastronomy, the Palace has many great restaurants but I'll talk to you about that in an upcoming article. So stay tuned. And I can not forget to thank the hotel's team for their warm welcome and the friendly staff of the hotel for their kindness during my stay. 
That's it my loves, I hope you'll enjoy discovering the Lausanne Palace through Pashionality and if you are in Switzerland and specially in Lausanne I only recommend you to stop by. Even more that it's almost Valentine's day and you will find some nice special offers for this occasion. Have a nice day ! Xo xo




* In collaboration with the Lausanne Palace & Spa

Rue du Grand Chêne 7-9
1002 Lausanne
Tel.: +41 21 331 31 31


  1. so nice pics= ]


    i invite to me too

  2. Seems like you had a great time


  3. Back for more ...
    Luxurious relaxing and your ... Rolex.
    Seems like the perfect combination.
    Thank you so much for sharing the magic.
    I am happy you had a great time.

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