Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great and productive week! I don't know in which hemisphere you are but I am in northern hemisphere.... more precisely in Switzerland and you probably already know it. And guess what? Spring has sprung!! YESS!!  Brighter days put me in such a great mood. The flowers are blooming everywhere and birds are singing sweet songs ;). As I said in one of my previous posts, listening to birds singing in the morning is like medicine to my soul. That connection with the universe is simply priceless to me! I just want to listen to that Bob Marley's song "Three little birds" everyday cause it has such an incredible vibe. Also seeing colors everywhere just reminds me the beauty of life and how God is good! Miracle is happening every second... Then, I want to wear colors every single day! Don't you? Wishing you all a fantastic day. Bisous Bisous đź’‹ đź’‹

Top: Zara
Pants: They're old... I can't find the brand
High Heels: Yves Saint Laurent
Iphone Case: Ideal of Sweden


  1. Spring is a new start after Winter time. Time to enjoy the new colours, the better weather.
    Time to prepare for the Summer. Make the best of it. You don't know what life will bring you.
    You will see. Patricia, the magic you share with me and the world makes you dream. If this is only the beginning there nothing to worry about. The Summer will be full of magic. Go for it. You're on the right track. Thank you.


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