Hello my lovelies! I am excited to introduce you to the exclusive collaboration between IRÄYE, the Swiss skincare brand and FLAVIA MORELLATO, the queen of lymphatic drainage. What a great idea of them both merging together!

As a Brazilian girl, I am keen on lymphatic drainage. Not only it boosts the health but it makes me feel lighter after every session. Since two weeks now, I've been trying out the Iräye's shaping body cream and the Gua-Sha massage tool by Flavia Morellato at home and I couldn't be happier with the result! Having the perfect tools at home and achieving the right steps on a daily basis empower the water retention elimination. It's so easy to do it yourself.

The IRÄYE'S groundbreaking lymphactive technology combined with the ancient art of Gua-Sha massage reduce the puffiness due to water retention and enhance skin firmness. The size and shape of the Gua-Sha makes the process very easy to sculpt the legs, the arms and even full body. In such a short time, I could notice improvements regarding my skin that got smoother and the appearance of cellulite that has significantly decreased. It's pretty fabulous and I do recommend you guys to give it a try. Wishing a fantastic day! Bisous Bisous 💋💋