In Switzerland summer doesn't last for a long time. Usually, we have much of raining and bad weather. But for my happiness, this year we have a hot and nice summer as you can see in these pictures. The sun is shinning every day.
But even if summer is time to wear bikinis and tan by the lake (as there's no really beach in Switzerland) we can also be stylish wearing comfortable and elegant pieces as this peplum skirt I picked out to wear with this amazing white top and accessorized with this clutch that seems like a bijoux. So a few days ago, before going to have dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Neuchâtel, the Palafitte, where the food is delicious and the view is magical, I went to walk and relax by the lake and took some photos to show you my outfit. Well, a perfect pairing for a fun night out in my opinion. Isn't is ?

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