Depending on the light, this tulip dress will show more blue shades or more violet shades. I was going crazy as I just couldn't give a name of a color to this dress. Sometimes I was convinced that it was blue and other times I was sure that it was violet. Then my kind hairdresser made me discover that electric blue color ! So, as you can see the tulip dress is in the shape of a inverted tulip. I really love this dress because it shapes up an stylish look. I bought it in Zara, that is one of the bigger fast fashion ever. I think that there we can find fashion clothing that are completely approachable to everybody. Also the quality is not bad at all. Oh, in this post I have my natural curly hair. Most of the time I do my hair straight because I like it so much. Maybe if I had straight hair I would curl it... In each case, the use of hair straightener or anything with a lot of heat damage the hair so much. That's why it's really important to apply masks on your hair and sometimes let them natural and breath. I really advice you to do it or your hair will be breakable.
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