Autumn only started and temperature is cooler since a few days here in the chocolate country ! However, it seems that autumn and winter will be orange. Well, orange is a strong summer color which will illuminate our life this season ! I am sure that you, fashion readers, have already heard about or seen on the runways, fashion magazines and in most of the stores. And even if I love this color I prefer avoiding the total look to not look like a giant orange. So I went for pants which I combined with black. In my opinion, when we have a strong color like this one, neutral colors remain still the best associations as well black, gray, beige and taupe. Hope you will love this casual orange look.

EARRINGS : Gift from a friend


  1. Orange is perfect for fall and you look wonderful! I have been reading your posts since the beginning and decided to follow, maybe cold follow me too? :)

  2. Yeah, orange is a really cool colour for winter! :) I love your outfit, it's casual but elegant! You're from Switzerland as well? Where are you from? :)
    We (swiss bloggers) have created a facebook group called "Blogs made in Switzerland" where we're building a community, discuss about events, share informations, organzise meetings.. and I'd love to invite you to the group! Would you like to be in? Just tell me you facebook name and I'll add you :)


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