Right now I have some problems with my camera.. In fact, I can't use the autofocus option to make photos. It is just like blocked and a red square appears on the screen. Consequently, the neatness is not good enough. So I am doing my best to make great photos without autofocus and I am managing to find a solution as soon as possible. However, as a beginner with this kind of camera, it is not so easy. If you have some suggestions on how adjust it, your advice is welcome :-)! I really hope to solve this problem without sending my camera to the after-sales-service because I don't know how long will set the repair. 
In spite of this autofocus' problem, I really love this post ! It is one of my favorites and all these colors on this H&M jeans are so amazing ! I was feeling very comfy and it inspired me so much to create the look and to make photos ! Hope you like it guys and see you tomorrow;-* !

HEELS : Manufatto
BAG : The Cambridge Satchel Company


  1. You really can pull off bright colours, yoou look gorgeous in them :)

  2. I had this same problem with my autofocus before. Did you try twisting the focus ring vigorgously? Sometimes it's just stuck so it can't move itself to autofocus. I hope it works. Btw I'm DYING over your jeans!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much Juuri for comment and your kind advice ! But I have discovered that the problem was the len. So I decided to try out an other one and the autofocus works well. So now I am sending the len to the after-sales-service and got an other len to use during this time as I need to post weekly :-)!



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