Almost all my latest articles here on the blog were around Paris because I've been there recently and wanted to share with you what I saw and lived during these couple of days of my stay. This city remains one of my favorite and each time I go back I discover something new. I guess Paris is full of secrets and will never stop surprising me. Discovering the new Cartier collections took me back to the city of lights...

I was invited by Cartier to discover the new jewellery and bag collections of the House. Cartier is one of the luxury brands that seduces me the most because of their capacity of creating timeless pieces while keeping its innovative spirit. Consequently, it was a pleasure to get introduced to the three news collections. Obviously, they are breathtaking and we can see the care, the craftsmanship and the know-how behind each single piece. A few words about them : the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection is marked by the creative aura of Paris : the energy, the free-thinking muses, the parties, iconic places as La seine or Ponts des Arts and the delightful confectioneries. It's a voluptuousness collection! Then the bag collection C De Cartier that shows a Parisian vitality with its vibrants colors. I really had a crush on them. The shape and the size are really great. Three words to define the bags in my opinion would be elegance, sophistication and femininity. The third collection is Amulette by Cartier which is all about emotions and feelings. Each gemstone has a meaning and it's a kind of a lucky charm, a talisman in which you can lock your wish that is promised to be unlocked. It's for everyone who dreams as myself...


  1. amazing jewels!

  2. Wonderful pieces!

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  4. Amazing items, especially rings.


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