Hello everyboday ! It's Monday and for me it means new dreams to realize, new opportunities to catch or simply new ways to keep focused on the little steps I should make in order to approach my goals. Sometimes we have so many things going on in this whirl of life that it can be truly hard to manage everything but my best advice would be listen to your heart, be kind, stay strong and keep focused. Don't you agree ?

I am so happy to show you guys this amazing Dimitri dress and necklace. I love this vibrant blue color of the dress which is so perfect for now ! The necklace is such a statement piece ! For the day I would wear it like in pictures but it could literally turns into a outfit of the night by simply adding a clutch and a softer heels - or yet with some flats for a more casual look. Just to let you know, you can find the Dimitri pieces at La Muse Boutique in Geneva or at Dimitri website ! Wish you a great start of the week !

Dress : Dimitri (available here and here)
Necklace : Dimitri (available here and here)
Bag : Valentino (available here)
Heels : Zara


  1. I think that this royal blue color suits you very well ;)

  2. very beautiful outfit dear, love the necklace!


  3. Wonderful dress, love the colour!

    Greets from Greece :)

  4. Wow, you look gorgeous in blue. Loved your bag and shoes. Kisses <3


  5. Great look! Such a lovely color of your dress!


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