If you know me for a while you know that 99,99% of the time I like to let my hair down. But lately, I've been trying some new hair styles. Specially, those inspired by the 90s. It's so interesting to see how fashion and everything related is so inspired by the past. Nothing is really new but a refreshed and updated version of what we already saw. I still remember when I was a child and used to style my hair that way. It's so easy to do and so trendy at the same time. The hair is pulled back into a topknot with two tendrils of hair out in a middle part. And because of my hair highlights, the face-framing tendrils stood out even more. I think that hairstyles can really change an outfit's vibe. Don't you ? There is a perfect hairstyle for every outfit. I would say, in a modest way, I felt everything was on point that day. Without a doubt, it was the perfect match for my attire. Bisous Bisous ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹

High waisted denim : hm
Top & leather jacket : Zara
Bag : Yves Saint Laurent 


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