Last December, I received a huge box from Sephora Switzerland full of beauty products and a bottle of Veuve clicquot. You can imagine my happiness while opening the package at home. I mean, Sephora is heaven on earth (hihihi) ! Of course, I have unboxed and unveiled everything in my instagram's stories but I can't miss sharing all the products here on the blog too. So, let's start with this Eau de Parfum Florale, the FLOWER BY KENZO POPPY BOUQUET. It's a delicious floral and fresh scent. Also, I can't get enough with the prettiness and lightness of the bottle.For the history, Kenzo launched the FLOWER BY KENZO : the poppy in the year 2000. I already knew it because my mom is such a Kenzo addict ;). So, in order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this iconic Eau de Parfum, the brand launched the Eau de Parfum Florale Poppy Bouquet. Seriously, if you're into floral scents, you won't get disappointed with this one !I hope you enjoyed discovering this fragrance with me and see you soon... Bisous Bisous 💋💋