Which team are you ? Are you more glossy or matte lips ? The greatest news is that you don't even need to choose one of them for the rest of you life (hihi). Everything is such a vibe. For example, I really love a strong matte red lip for some occasions because it brings out such an impactful look without needing to work a lot on the rest of the face with makeup. Also matte nudes with a nice lip contouring is so in right now! It makes stand out the shape and even the size of the lips if you want to make them appear a little bigger. It's up to you. However, glossy lips are also beautiful in my opinion. The lips get visually much more plumped and looks fresher. I must say that I am lucky enough to have this bunch of colorful glosses by Fenty Beauty collection in my hands to try out. I could do many experiences like wearing them on top of my lipstick or just the gloss alone and it works pretty well in any ways. Their great texture allows to play a lot. In addition to that, they smell so good and hydrates the lips so nicely! Have you guys ever tried them out ? Bisous Bisous đź’‹ đź’‹