Good Morning my loves ! How are you doing today ? I hope you had a great start of the week! I have so many things on my today's to do list that 24 hours won't be enough. But I am not complaining at all! Just feeling super motivated and will do as much as I can. Now, let's talk about this outfit that you might have already seen on my instagram. Well, the other day, I went out for a diner and chose this tartan oversized shirt which is such a statement piece. I love wearing tartan patterns during winter because its versatility. I must say, if it's red colored I like it even more. As I wanted to feel cosy but get a stylish figure at the same time, I decided to combine it with some over-the-knee boots and black accessories. Don't you think that black and red is a such nice combo? Wishing you guys an excellent day!! Bisous Bisous đź’‹đź’‹

Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Oversized shirt: Zara
Bag: Valentino


  1. Good or bad, always something to look forward to.
    The tartan oversized shirt looks very comfortable and cosy.
    Red is one of my two favorite colours. Always good in combination with black.
    Oversized, but with sleeves that are perfect for a glimpse of magic.
    Thank you very much.
    Dream, smile, enjoy.
    I wish you all the best.


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