Good Afternoon Folks! While I was organizing my closet the other day, I found out that many of my bags are nearly the same size as my wallets. There are some clutches but also some bags like this lovely mini baguette. They're so cute and easy to wear. I mean, because it's so small with little space, we no longer think about carrying our home with us everywhere we go ;)! Also, I remember there was a time when I was obsessed with black bags and wallets. Now I really enjoy them in different colors. Black is so timeless and I still adore it but lately I've been so obsessed with a colorful life! Yes, I can get bored really easily so I really need to keep making constant changes/improvements in many aspects of my life to keep my flame burning inside and live my life at the fullest! Hope you guys are having a great start of the week! Bisous Bisous đź’‹ đź’‹

Bag: Fendi
Wallets: Bulgari