Hola mi gente! ¿Cómo están ustedes hoy? Last week I was invited to take part at the official launch of the new tequila premium - Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila by Möet Hennessy held at the Uto Kulm hotel in the top of Zurich. It was a pleasure to immerse in the world of the Mexican volcanic mountains and their paradise-like coastline and discover the brand's impressive philosophy. We had a live Q&A and an exclusive tequila tasting with Adriana Bacca from the Maison Volcan. 

The Maison's name recalls the eruption of the volcano "Tequila" 200'000 years ago that created perfect soil conditions for the blue agave's cultivation. Volcan De Mi Tierra blends rich aromas and agave flavors from the Lowlands(valles) and Highlands(altos) from Jalisco in Mexico. This premium tequila is handcrafted from field to bottle by the family Gallardo in collaboration with Möet Hennessy. They combine traditional crafts and innovative ways to make their own tequila only which is 100% blue agave (100% of the heart of the pina) in their own distillery with their unique recipe. That's why all the tequila Volcan are labeled with their unique number (NOM 1523) provided by the governing authority of tequila. It's important to mention that only 16% of tequila producers in this world have their own distillery. Volcan De mi Tierra is not only a drink but a Mexican heritage.

During our amazing live with Adriana Bacca, she explained so many technical details about the production process, the Tequila Blanco and Cristalino. She also shared with us how to evaluate tequila in six steps:

1- Watch through the glass and you can see the beautiful silver mirror color of tequila. If it's opaque it's because there are additives and it's not 100% agave.

2- Swirl the glass, stop it and check how slow the drops stop. The slower, the better.

3- Smell the glass and detect the aromas. Depending on the side of the glass, you'll smell a different aroma (pepper, floral, citrics, etc.)

4- Wet the lips with the tequila

5- Sip a little for the taste

6- Drink and enjoy! 

Seeing Adriana live from Jalisco with that beautiful landscape of agave fields on her background brought me out some past memories. I remember the first time I heard about the tequila market years ago through a Mexican telenovela called "Destilando Amor". Of course it was about a love story but also about the production of tequila. You know, as a South American and Brazilian girl, watching telenovelas is a tradition! We simply can't help but love watching it! With all that being said, Mexico definitely is a culturally rich country and it's for sure on my bucket list! 

I hope you guys enjoyed discovering Volcan De Mi Tierra and let me know if you already tried it. Wishing you guys a wonderful weekend! Bisous Bisous  💋 💋