Spring is just around the corner and it feels so good! Waking up with the sunlights and listening to the birds sing is like medicine for me. I swear, it gives me so much energy and put me on such a great mood. I can't help but just be grateful and happy. Does that make you feel the same too? I really hope so! Today, I am sharing with you this casual sporty chic outfit. Very simple but yet so stylish in my opinion. I love mixing colors, so this time it was all about red touches. I mean the cap and this cute and tiny Fendi Baguette. The days are brighter but the temperature is not yet that high so a long coat was a great option to protect me against the cold. I chose the grey one because it's a neutral color that matched nicely with the whole look. And finally, some sneakers for a comfy day ;) ! Let me know what you think and have a fantastic day! Bisous Bisous ðŸ’‹ 💋

Bag: Fendi
Cap: supplied by Zalando
Coat: Zara
Sneakers: Fila
Denim/Top: h&m


  1. Love the look 😊


  2. You already know what I think of this outfit...
    Yes!!! Stylish, sporty, dreamy and ... with more than just one glimpse of silver magic.
    Not a lot these days, but just enough to keep the dream alive.
    Be proud of it, keep believing in it, keep wearing it, keep sharing it. You both deserve it.
    An outfit is so much more than just the clothes you wear...
    I'm here to support. Not only with the usual like or short comment.

    1. Thank you so much for your support here on the blog and on social media too !
      Wishing a wonderful day ;)


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