Hi peeps ! How are you doing so far? I hope you're all well and that you appreciate reading my weekly posts here on the blog. Let's talk about nails today! I must start saying that I've been so lazy to make an appointment at the manicure lately. You know... sometimes I just feel like I want to do nothing and go nowhere. I mean, it's like breathing is the only activity I need to do, I have to do and I want to do... LMAO! However, I love and enjoy taking care of myself because it makes me feel good and beautiful ;). Remember, beauty is from the inside out. So please, never stop doing things that make you happy even if it would sound "superficial" for others. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, just go and do whatever your soul asks for. Back to my nails, I looked at them the other day and saw that they really needed a treat. Then, I decided to do my nails myself at home. Although regular nail polishes doesn't last as long as gel or acrylic at least it doesn't cost a penny if you do it yourself with your own manicure tools. Moreover, it's so easy to apply and it's done in a few minutes. Recently, I've been been wearing nude shades so much. Not only it matches with any outfit but also it's so elegant in my opinion. I really feel that a pretty manicure makes the accessories stand out even more. Don't you? Sending you guys lots of love ! Bisous Bisous đź’‹ đź’‹

Bracelet: Bulgari
Nail Polish: Dior (Abstract nr. 522)