Happy Monday folks ! In which state of mind are you today? Are you putting the work in to make your dreams come true ? Are you taking active steps that lead you towards your purpose? Don't worry, I won't machine-gun you with questions on such an early Monday morning. I just want you to know that you are strong, capable and brave enough to accomplish everything you wish for. The only difference between successful people and not successful is that the successful ones NEVER give up on their ideas and dreams. They keep focused on what they want until they get results. Last week I heard a sentence which was in portuguese actually : "A força do querer fez o impossivel se tornar possivel". The translation would be kind of "the strong will made the impossible possible". I felt it so deep in my heart because I really believe that as soon as you find what sets your soul on fire, nothing is impossible. Almost everything that exists in this world started first as an simple idea in a human brain. So guys, my message today is "believe in your power of creating, improving and even changing things if needed". Work hard, be humble and never let anyone or anything make you feel, think or prove that you can't because you can!

I told you guys in the beginning of the year that I am feeling inspired in 2021 and that from time to time you'll find some "deep" talks in my articles. Hope you like it.

Regarding my pictures, I was taking advantage of the sunlights the other day... Each photo has a such different vibe. While I was super concentrated in the first one, trying to have the perfect Instagram picture with the light effects on my hair and striking a pose, the second one was more like " No worries, just feelin' good✌️" hihi. Which one do you guys prefer ? Wishing you an excellent start of the week. Bisous Bisous đź’‹ đź’‹